Common Injuries After 40 (and How to Fix Common Injuries)

I hope you don’t know this from experience but there are common injuries after 40 that we can help you fix. The right trainer and program helps you avoid them, the wrong trainer may lead you to them.

To clarify, exercise doesn’t always cause injury but it can make you very aware that you began a program with existing imbalances, and your “balanced program” rushed you to greater imbalances instead of getting you the results you wanted.

In this episode with a favorite guest we share some insights, definitely not intended to scare you but to empower you and give you what I think will be an “aha moment” about what you really want. Join us as we discuss common injuries after 40.

My Guest:

A pain-free life. It’s what we all strive for. But let me tell you a proven fact. At some point in your life, there is a 98% chance you will be forced to confront some form of intruding bodily tension – in your back … knees … shoulders … hips … ankles … or someplace else. Meaning for every 100 people, only 2 ever live a pain-free and fully functional life.

Why is this important? Well, it’s no secret that if you want to age gracefully, you need to keep physically active. But how the heck are you supposed to do so when it’s SO likely you’ll eventually experience some form of bodily discomfort? Sure, you can carry these tensions into exercise, but this only reinforces the root cause of pain. And this is exactly why 87% of all exercisers get injured while exercising.

This is why we’ve brought you The Fitness Doctor: Robbie Stahl. He is one of the most remarkable men in the fitness industry. He is renowned for developing one of the fittest 80-year-olds in the world, Joel Weldon. Seriously, Joel water skied for 39 miles on his 80th birthday without a break! How? Well, through Robbie’s 20 years of extensive research and experimentation, he has mastered the science of healing and bulletproofing your body through the power of exercise. Not only has he applied the healing power of exercise to Joel, but he also boasts a 100% in-person success rate for fixing shoulder function in his clients who were told surgery was the only answer. A breakthrough is happening in the world of fitness … it’s now possible to fix the inner workings of your body while getting into the best shape of your life. And now, Robbie is going to tell you how.

Questions We Answer in This Epidsode:

  • What are the most common injuries after 40 – in both men and women?
  • What intensity level do you like to have clients use to begin?
  • You’ve got 5+ examples of how you can determine where you’re going to get injured before it ever happens, what are they? 
  • What do you mean about defining your comfort level for exercise? 
  • What steps do most people skip that increase their risk of injury?

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