How Many Times a Week Should You Strength Train?


This post is a response to a question women ask about “How many  times a week should you strength train?” It also aims to clarify confusion about how to progress and mistakes most commonly made by both trainers and exercisers.

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Two steps to increasing lean muscle

  1. adequate stimulus
  2. adequate recover 




Your recovery is influenced by 3 things:

  • genetics
  • training status 
  • age

Ways you can enhance recovery: 

light intensity movement, foam rolling, stretching, yoga, water exercise/swimming, epsom salt baths

Nutrition for recovery includes:

alkalinity, adequate high quality protein and overall calories, hydration, optimal timing, even distribution, adequate micronutrient sufficiency

The most forgotten component of fitness – and I wrote about this in my book, You Still Got It, Girl! – is rest & recovery. Most women in midlife walk a narrow road without wiggle room when it comes to fatigue and stress. 

Making exercise a part of that stress is unnecessary. It then has a negative impact on fatigue. 

Questions I answer in this episode:

  • How many times a week should you strength train if you’re a beginner? 
  • How many times a week should you strength train if you’re more advanced? 
  • What about 30 day challenges for squats, pull ups, etc?
  • Why isn’t more better? 

Signs you’re not recovered:

  • soreness
  • achy joints
  • fatigue/tiredness
  • increased cravings & appetite
  • lack of muscle tissue for the effort you’re putting in
  • excess fat or water retention 
  • moodiness, lethargy
  • flat workouts

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