How Many Repetitions to Fatigue Should You Do? | Women Over 50

Wonder how many repetitions to fatigue you should do? You’re not alone. This Flipping 50 community question comes from Shelly and our Insiders Facebook group. (link below) 

The Question:

“20 for a set or a full minute, am I using too heavy of weights if I fatigue at 6 or 7? Maybe better question is “is there a MINIMUM number of reps [I] should be doing?” And then do I just wait as Debra finishes up or should I pause and do a few more once I get rested?” – Shelly

How many repetitions to fatigue that is ideal for you depends on several things:

  • Your current fitness status – specifically experience lifting weights
  • Your biggest priority – gain muscle, lose fat/weight, build bone
  • Conditions or existing injuries – joint issues, osteoporosis, arthritis
  • Hormone status
  • Body type – after you’ve got a foundation using this can be helpful
  • What is the protocol you’re following and why

First, reaching fatigue is to be congratulated! You’re doing things right!

But if you’re following a program that is for higher reps and lower weight for a reason…  you’re missing the mark.

So, to start determining how many repetitions to fatigue YOU need ask this:

  • Why are you doing this specific program or protocol?
  • Is it a fit for the needs you have right now and what it is you want (both)?

If so, continue to follow it.

If not, ditch it and switch to what is a better match. 

The 5 Day Flip mentioned in this episode.

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