How Can You Get Off A Weight Loss Plateau at 50, 60 or 70?


It happens to the best. There are several things you can do to make a change, which is what your body is seeking, in order to move again. Sticking with a weight loss and not inching up is a good thing.

Keep in mind a few things:

  • it’s not weight you want off – it’s fat – so never exchange the scale for poor eating choices
  • it takes adequate protein and reduced sugar in your diet – sugar that hides in EVERYTHING
  • calories don’t control your weight, your hormones do – so eat to tame your hormones
  • what you learned about weight loss at 20 or 40 is not what works – it never did- you just had time and metabolism on your side if you were one of the lucky ones – or were too busy to notice or do something about it
  • you can still make a change, weight is not inevitable as you age so don’t allow someone to say “for your age” you’re doing well
  • old habits die hard- give yourself some time to adapt but do start adapting and realizing when you fall back on old ideas

Then watch this video and see the tips below included:

Plateau busters for weights:

1. change the sequence

2. change the timing of the lift, the hold, the lower

3. increase the weight (if safe to do so)

Plateau busters for cardio:

1. intervals

2. longer and slower one day

3. if you have three cardio sessions a week they should each be different durations and intensity (more days a week – some will repeat)

Plateau busters for diet:

1. make sure you have adequate protein (older adults need 25-30grams to help keep lean and lose fat – that’s per meal)

2. make sure you have adequate calories – too few will slow metabolism down, as will losing muscle mass, almost guaranteeing weight gain – and we don’t want that!

3. before and after exercise time protein snacks so you help boost recovery

For more specifics, connect personally. Pop your questions and comments below.

Have you lost weight after 50, 60, 70 …. and kept it off? Share your story.


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