How Big is Your After 50 But?

Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Big?

“No, your big butt makes your butt look big.” That was my reply to a speaker on stage doing a little comedy. From my seat I just blurted it out. Not an endearing quality some would say.

The man sitting next to me said, “You can say that and it’s funny. You should use that.” Let me put it in perspective. We were at a speaker’s workshop learning how to use humor in a bigger way to relay our message. We were literally learning from some of the best standup comedians in Vegas.

I was puzzled though. I thought, “Aren’t you kidding? I would get a black eye saying that back to someone in person!”

Here’s why I’m sure he thought this would work. He know he couldn’t say that to a woman. But he thought that as a woman I could say that to a woman.

Obviously, he knows nothing about women? You and I know right that the only way that works is if the woman who asked the question answers the question!

So glad we got that cleared up.

What about your but?

But you’re short so its harder for you. You gain five pounds and it shows immediately.

You’re tall. So none of the cute clothes ever look good on you no matter how much you weigh.

You have a bad back so you can’t exercise like you want to so you’ll never be the weight you want.

You have food allergies so its impossible to find foods that are good for you.

You hate vegetables, you’re a picky eater. So you have to use exercise and it’s not working. 

You can’t run so you’ll never be as fit as your running friends. 

You have a thyroid issue. 

You were raised on meat and potatoes. 

You don’t like to exercise and you don’t have that gene to get up in the morning and get so much done. 

You live in a small rural area. 

You live in a city.

Your husband snores.

You have five children. 

You have to cook for the entire family since they’re all home for the summer. 

Shall I go on? You get the idea. If you read through any of those thinking, “That’s ridiculous, I ….” someone else did the same with yours. The little voice inside your head telling you that you have a get-out-of-jail card is wrong.

Simple. Just wrong.

If the real question is, do you want to change? Do you want to find a way? Do you want to do the work of making changes?

What’s that answer?

If you’re “BUT” is a way of saying, I really don’t want to make the effort then meet it head on and acknowledge it. You may weigh more and be healthier if you let go of guilt!

If you want to change stop using your excuse cards. Stop convincing yourself that you have any real reason why you can’t.

The first step is identifying your but.


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