Hot Weather Skin Care I’m Loving Right Now

Hot weather skin care problems? I get you. I’ve got answers. This post is filled with my favorite way to pamper my skin right now.

Hot Weather Skin Care Solutions

If all the talk about masks has got you crazy, this post will come as a welcome reprieve. I’m a mask girl. One of my guilty pleasures is to lay on a massage table and get a good steam followed by layers of masks and get up feeling like my skin just aged backwards.

Especially in summer. Right now, frankly my skin is angry. I’ve experienced it all from hot and humid Midwest summers to Louisiana heat and humidity, to altitude and now to desert temps in triple digits way too early in the morning for days on end.

I’m an outdoors girl. So, walks, and rides, and swims in chlorinated pools are doing a job on my skin and she’s calling uncle. Here’s how I cope – and make sure I’m using products created by companies with people behind them who care about toxins and eliminating hormone disruptors as much as I do.

Annmarie skincare

  • Charcoal Cacao mask
  • Coconut Honey mask
  • Illuminating Pearl Mask

These are definitely my favorites. And yes, all three. I rotate them.

Coconut Honey Mask

Coconut Honey I’ll use more in winter months but right now my face is angry about the weather. This Coconut Honey mask soothes and calms it down. I’ve found it’s perfect for hot weather skin care.

Charcoal Cacao Mask

The Charcoal Cacao is perfect for deep cleaning after I’ve hiked or biked for hours in the dessert. I’m a dirty little pig and my pores need cleaning. I love to soak in a tub of Epsom salt with a mask on.

Illuminating Pearl Mask

And the Illuminating Pearl Mask I would never have guessed I’d like. It’s a perfect way to put a little glow on before a special weekend or event. It really makes my skin radiant. Whether you’re spending too much time in stale air conditioning, air quality ratings aren’t good, or you’ve just not gotten the sleep you really need, this. Trust me.

Here’s the easiest way to get started. Order a sample pack and um, hello! They’re giving away Illuminating Pearl Mask with it! Go now!

hot weather skin care
Sample Kit with Pearl Mask

Super Food Face Mask

Foursigmatic is my go-to mushroom coffee source. You may think what an unlikely place to look for facial and skincare. I would have thought the same. Until I didn’t.

They recently sent me their Super Food Face Mask, Super Food Serum, and Super Food Body Butter – all with Reishi mushroom and they are to die for. They are so pure you can eat them and smell so good my dog wants to. I have to scooch to the far side of the tub in fact so he can’t reach me to lick it off my face. When I put the lotion on my hands he’ll come running from the other side of the house.

Foursigmatic’s serum is an evening treatment for me. 

Natural Face Lift by Primal Life Organics

is my daily fix for massaging my face. The masks I love for something special, but this is my go-to daily routine for clean and smooth skin. I recently misplaced my recharger cord (travel bag because I take it everywhere!) and I went ballistic!

I keep the Quiver in the shower and it’s a quick way to stimulate circulation and saves time.

The Coffee Bean elixir that comes with the Natural Face Lift Kit is amazing – I love! (so much I made a testimonial… which I never do!). This is one of those things you’ll love, use daily and the entire set gives you the am and pm elixir plus cleanser and sweet revenge exfoliator. You’re set!

hot weather skin care

That’s the line up for my summer skin care. When you need a little extra special care for your dermis with a lot of natural these are my picks. I let my muscles do the heavy lifting. For my skin I want gentle and toxin free. 

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