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Hot, Not Bothered! Challenge

The 10-Day Hot, Not Bothered Challenge is a START, RESTART, or RESET. Early Access Videos NOW.. disappear when Challenge Begins! [Sept 1-10] for 10 days of exclusive made-for-menopause coaching and videos. 

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This is your perfect menopause fitness kickstart! Connect your exercise & hormones.

10 Days, 10 Workouts, 10 Hormones (better)

Bonus #1

Breakthrough Q and A group session (value $100). In this session I’ll answer all your questions  and if you successfully do all 10 days I let you know how you can use your $59 credit if you choose to take the next step (why wouldn’t you!?).

Bonus #2

5-Star You Still Got It, Girl! Recipes: breakfast, lunch, and dinner options high protein, optimal carb, super easy, and delicious (as voted by thousands of Flipping50® students) for fast, easy food prep that works. (priceless!)

Bonus #3 *

A coupon for $59 (your full course cost!) to use toward your next eligible* Flipping50® course. *Regularly priced Stronger. Coupons gifted to successful 10-day participants! Coupon exp. 10 days after challenge. 


I love fast-action takers! Register early and get access immediately to a Kickstart coaching video AND set of videos for mobility and how-to so that when the challenge starts, you’ll already be feeling good and get more benefits!

Join the Hot, Not Bothered! Challenge

10 Days, 10 Workouts, 10 Hormones (all improved!)

It’s three years since the pandemic when we were all at home, all limited in some ways, and yet I fully believe that in some ways we were blessed by opportunity. I know at this point – many women in our community are experiencing compounding post pandemic + menopause symptoms. Yet, many of my Flipping 50® community members report they are in BETTER shape since the pandemic than before it, and it was a hidden gift. I believe you can experience this too.

So I’ve cut the price of this challenge… in fact I’ve done way more than that. It’s “free” if you successfully stay in and do it. Read to the bottom… for all the bonuses and how to get your $59 credit. (that’s 100% registration fee to use again!)

How to know if the Hot Not Bothered 10 Day Online Challenge is Ideal For YOU!

With the Hot, Not Bothered Challenge you learn why less exercise is more, why timing matters, and why what works for others is not working for you. Of course you get the exercise videos… AND what really will make the difference is understanding why your hormones right now make a different approach to exercise so much more effective for you. That’s what makes the daily audio recordings priceless. Who is it for? 


We focus on mobility and having adequate energy before we ask you to do more. That sets the stage for hormone balancing fitness.

stay Sane

Workouts are planned just as I would plan my own, or a private client’s workouts. You’ll learn how to schedule intelligent exercise.

Step by step

Connect your hormone benefits to the exercise you do daily. Trust me for 10 days. “Feeling good feels good.” It doesn’t take “more” exercise.

10-Day Participant about her most beneficial takeaway: “Workouts are the opportunity for fitness, but recovery and rest are when the fitness actually happens… did not know that, but now I do!”

Hot not bothered challenge
open now!

Hot, Not Bothered! Challenge

Every day you’ll get access to a new exercise video ”assignment” and an audio recording. There’s no guesswork or decision to make. Just follow the plan.

About Debra

39-year full-time fitness professional who IS in the boat rowing with you. At 59, I don’t just get the science, I get you. I’ve been working with women in midlife for almost 4 decades, and for the past decade exclusively with women in midlife/menopause to serve the huge gap between science and fitness programs available. Even if you’ve worked with a “personal trainer” there is a good chance they’ve had zero training in menopause fitness.

I train the trainers internationally on hormone-balancing fitness with the Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist™. I’ve authored courses, and sit on advisory board of medical fitness organizations, serve as Subject Matter Expert for prestigious certification agencies, and been asked to contribute to books for other associations.

Watch my TED Talk!

My TEDx talk title tells it all, Everything Women in Menopause Learned About Exercise May Be a Lie.

Frequently Asked Questions: Answers!

I know you’ve got questions… and I’ve got answers. We’re totally transparent about how we operate and why!

You will want 3 pairs of dumbbells for a variety of muscle groups. Think of it as a light, moderate, and heavy weight. But as we know from the pandemic, you can get creative with water bottles and backpacks! It would be impossible for me to give a recommendation to thousands of women and be right. But for a beginner, 2-3#, 5-8#, and 10 or 12# is a good start. An exercise ball 65cm for those 5’4″ and taller, 55cm for others will be an asset you’ll use forever (you could get by without).

If you’re already exercising and not getting results the best thing about the Hot Not Bothered Challenge for you is that it works as a reset. No matter if you’re already exercising and have for years, you need to start, or restart, if what you’re doing isn’t working you’ll be removing the obstacles to lean muscle, fat burning, belly fat loss, and optimal weight (we don’t want to find it again, right?).

Between the exercise AND listening to the audio it will take less than a half hour most days. This is about better not more exercise. Here’s the biggest surprise: by hearing that audio recording first, you’ll be reinforcing the physical benefits of what you do. When you focus on the benefits – it’s proven science – you amplify the results you get. That builds confidence. That builds motivation to continue.

No… AND….only for ONE day during the challenge (no procrastination zone) THIS, is the challenge. AND… You can do this challenge for FREE by: 1) do all 10 days and 2) check in daily on the FB group thread. 3) Being eligible to use your full registration fee and apply it to your next qualified* step with me. No matter what, you’ll have a plan, keep the downloadable guide, and have a private group breakthrough call with me to decide what’s your best next step. If you’ve always wanted a coach or want to understand the value of one, now is your chance, risk-free.

*qualified program TBA at Breakthrough session

**check-ins tracked in Facebook group at the conclusion of 10 days

There’s really not. Look, it’s $5.90 a day, or you can have $59 credit if you successfully complete it and apply it to the eligible regular rate program while it’s active for 10 days after the program. I want you to succeed. I want you to do all 10 days and get your mind and body right for energy and vitality… and use your $59 on your next step. If you’re not thinking about a lifestyle change and committing to your best second half this isn’t for you. If you’re worried about not getting your $59 back, you’re already planning on not finishing. This isn’t for you. I am going to show up daily for you in Facebook answering your questions, I’m going to do everything I can to support you and help you understand why other exercise may have failed you. So if you’re excited about having a coach, a cheerleader, a science-geek, and international hormone balancing fitness expert in your corner for two or more weeks (early in, more access!), then this IS FOR YOU!

Still Thinking About It? Consider This

Compare the cost of Hot, Not Bothered with the cost of hiring a personal trainer (I was $95 for less than an hour when I stopped training years ago), nutritionist, or visit to the doctor…and this is an incredible value. I can help you prevent injuries, work around knee or hip issues you might have now, time your exercise nutrition. You’ll be learning from a Medical Exercise Specialist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, prior Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology, and international fitness presenter and Subject Matter Expert who trains the trainers. What’s more, I’ve got 39 years of experience not only teaching it but experiencing exercise and body changes that have happened to me in 59 years too.

If you’ve been putting off exercise because you just don’t know where to start…

“There's no more powerful health influencer in the world than a midlife woman.” - Debra Atkinson, founder of Flipping 50®

Hot not bothered challenge
open now!

Hot, Not Bothered! Challenge

Every day you’ll get access to a new exercise video ”assignment” and an audio recording. There’s no guesswork or decision to make. Just follow the plan.

In Their Own Words: What Challenge Participants Say

If you too have said, “Feeling better after a workout is something I’ve never experienced,” or “I frequently shy away from exercising with the excuse that I don’t have enough time,” this is for you. Read what others have to say. You’ll gain a community of women just like these:

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Learn how to measure!

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Circumference outside of both arms, at the armpit

Right Triceps
Halfway btwn shoulder & elbow, arm extended.

Find the widest point of girth at the hips

Right Thigh
Standing with weight on both legs, measure halfway between knee cap and hip flexor

Right Calf
Standing with weight on both legs, find the largest point of calf.

how to measure woman outline

Measure from the rib cage just under breasts at bra line

At the belly button/umbilicus

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