Your 10 bonuses:

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Take the time to watch, listen, and try the workouts.

These tips can make your very next workout more effective, more comfortable, or both.

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Start priming yourself with a new concept of aging. If you think young, you will act young, and you will look young.

1. Bone Density (and Metabolism Boosting) In-gym workout

How-To Movement Library:

2. Squats
3. Lunges
4. Chest Press
5.  Bent Over Row

Workouts – Do these with me!

6. Metabolism Boosting Leg workout
7. 20 Minute Full Body workout
8. Downloadable Interval Training Guide

Recordings! Listen

9. Best Strength Set Timing

Listen while you workout. (Flip #97)

10. The Protein Report

The protein report is recorded in four short segments with a small break between each. If you take one long walk, have 45 minute commute, or you’re doing a meal prep session, you can easily listen in one pass. If you need shorter segments though, you’ve got them.

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