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Hot Chocolate - Comfort Cup

Hot Chocolate Comfort in a Cup (guiltless)


  • 1 serving Paleo Power chocolate protein shake
  • 12-oz hot water
  • ½-1 T raw cacao powder (to your chocolate preference!)
  • ½ tsp real vanilla extract, optional
  • whipped coconut cream and cacao nibs, optional


Blend the hot water with protein powder, cacao, and vanilla with a small immersion blender right in your mug until smooth. (Flip: add to a blender).

Flip: Top with coconut whipped cream and cacao nibs for a decadent treat.

Cold smoothies not doing it for you in cooler months? Let’s face it even the most devout smoothie lover can shiver when it’s brrrr outside. Still, you don’t want to skip the protein if you seek smooth skin and muscle tone.  Try this delicious warm chocolate option.

You can power up your day with protein and totally skip the sugar (or chemicals) you’ll find in most hot chocolate options. The protein, collagen protein, and antioxidants give you a guilt-free pleasure your skin and mood will love.

Collagen vs Muscle Protein 411

Make no mistake, collagen protein alone won’t serve your muscles. Nor will amino acid-rich protein provide collagen. You want both. You want Paleo Power. You don’t have to be doing a “paleo diet” to enjoy it. It’s just a clean animal protein for those of us that know we feel more energy and see better body composition results from it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Plant Power too, but I’ve found my energy and muscle require animal protein. Test for yourself. It’s the best way to know.

P.S. in case you are a plant lover, unfortunately due to the nature of the texture of plant-based protein powders this won’t work well with your plant-based option. You’ll wind up with “silt” on the bottom of your cup instead of a creamy dissolved hot chocolate goodness.

Hot chocolate just got an upgrade! Craving killer, morning protein start, off the slopes or done with shoveling… this is a great guiltless warm up!

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