Want to Strengthen Your After 50 Relationships?

Testosterone gets squeezed out of the hormone picture. You may just want to get a girl crush going on this male hormone. True, males have more but having less doesn’t make it less important.

It’s one of the sex hormones, so you can be sure if you’re sensitive to talking about sex you may want to shut this down now. If you’re living a vibrant life sex is a part of it. Beyond the bedroom, your effectiveness in your personal and professional life is diminished if your testosterone levels are low.

If you have minor depression, poor memory, and or low libido your intimate relationships are not doing as well as they could be. That’s both with your partner and in working relationships. You can’t take charge and lead as well without that alpha personality that’s in part thanks to testosterone.

Your testosterone levels drop with age. No surprise there. When that happens your interest in sex as well as your enjoyment of it wane. That’s not a great formula for your relationship. What’s the answer to boosting this essential part of a healthy lifestyle?

Decrease or eliminate:

  • Sugar (including alcohol)
  • Wheat
  • Processed Foods


  • Weight training
  • Stress-reducing activities

No one can decide for you which stress-reduction strategies work. Chances are you know, but you haven’t set aside time for them lately. Some may require no time at all. Consider shutting off the radio in the car and driving in silence and thought, or control the sound with a book on tape or music that is relaxing for you.

Shutting off the computer in the evening instead of surfing doesn’t take more time and, in fact might be the time when you finally can do al little stretching or get to that scrapbook project you wanted to work on.

You may need a supplement, and some including zinc and DHEA can help reduce stress and enhance testosterone production. If you go that step and still don’t see chance consult with your doctor. Most women will tell you that weight-training increases confidence and when a woman feels confident and attractive intimate relationships improve too. Losing yourself in a project that helps eliminate some stress will also make you more present in your relationships at home and work.


P.S. Are you a cyclist? Love to ride outdoors? (or indoors for that matter?) If you’re a biker babe who carries her cell phone while you ride for more than a couple hours a week- please respond and let me know how you carry it.

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2 thoughts on “Hormones”

  1. Hi Debra

    I bought a sports pouch, it looks like a shiny pouch that expends as it’s cloth. Comes in different colours over here and fastens at the back, adjustable of course.

    I put my phone in it and any cash I might need for emergencies, with a handkerchief, leave the wires sealed at the entrance to the zip and can plug into my ears and ride (I have a stationary spinning bike outside my conservatory under a canopy, so I can get the fresh air – scared of the crazy traffic over here)

    Hope this helps.


    1. Nice! Sounds like a great plan for staying safe and getting outdoors! I’m often doing the same out of time crunches!

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