Me and My Hormone Lab Test Results

interpreting hormone lab test results
I’ve now had my third round of blood tests in two months. The mysterious liver function results haven’t improved any. Unfortunately, the hormone panel this time around was handled incorrectly by the lab and I have to redo it. The lab tech is getting to know me too well. In fact, he shared a little too much information about my Dr’s patients in my opinion. No names, just a little TMI.

Not cool.

I’m a little reluctant to go back, realizing that I am afraid he’ll cross a boundary again. Maybe though, he’ll be on his best behavior given it may have been him who handled things poorly.

I digress. However, if you’re having blood drawn for results there’s a little concern here right? You don’t want to be doing this first of all. Taking the time to do this, not once, twice or three times out of a busy life is not high on my bucket list. Then to have it handled improperly, happens more often than you’d like. Last year it was a sample of poo not handled correctly. Fun times to do that one over.

Am I a little off topic? Maybe. But it does seem that while these little breaks in excellent medical care  happen maybe we ought to check my cortisol levels again!?

hormone lab test results Hormone lab test results: more than I wanted to know

Here’s the real buzz kill. The third lab on liver function show no improvement. So now I’m off to have a heavy metals test, and an MRI on the liver, and make an appt with a GI expert. Yep, time I didn’t want to spend doing things I didn’t want to be doing.

Am I worried? No. I feel fine. In fact, I’m feeling like there is a puzzle piece missing and inclined to take things to a more aggressive natural treatment path. First check in is with my gut health friends as obviously I’m out of my scope and you don’t want to treat yourself!

Milk thistle, coffee enemas, liver cleanses (including elimination of toxins – safely I can say, “check” to this one), and stepped up use of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar (check to these two regularly) seem to be the next steps if I were using Dr Google. I’m not! But I am going to use my curiosity about it to talk to my functional health experts about what works.

If you’ve ever had the dreaded colonoscopy, you know looking forward to that is an oxymoron. However, you need to clean the colon before a liver detox because if the liver detox is effective the toxins will be dumped out of the body through the colon. Like every muscle or joint will effect another, your internal organ’s function influence each other.

Hormone lab test results vs my perceived health

How do I feel? Fine. Great, in fact. I am dialing up training. The weeks right now are higher in volume overall and then a few long rides will be sprinkled every few weeks before the Ironman in November. That means, longer rides (with yes some spin ups of speed), longer runs (with several hills and at altitude so mileage is lower than if I were at sea level), and long and short swims (excellent for recovery). Because of the cut of time and volume I’m doing, I have dedicated more strength training with power to my weekly training schedule. This offsets the reduction in miles (or hours) compared to most training programs. It along with adequate protein intake helps maintain muscle mass through training that occurs on a bike and in a pool. It also helps prevent bone loss.

hiding from health information If you missed my live Facebook Q and As on Osteoporosis you might want to watch if this topic is of interest. It’s important to know there is a sweet spot for exercise – too much or too little can both increase the risk of low bone density. Overtraining can also contribute if it’s paired with too little nutrition and low body weight occurs.

Recall that even Lance Armstrong, one of the fittest people on the planet, was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Spending time unloaded so many hours of the day, plus having gone through cancer-treatments, take a toll on bone density.

Hormone lab test results interpreted

So, the takeaway? There isn’t a way to outrun, or out exercise or eat 100% of the internal changes that happen. Being in better shape, being rested, and nutritionally supported make the reaction to curious lab results, and the ability to respond, not react so much easier.

I’ll keep you posted. I have company this weekend and some social things next week. But I too will have to make changes and though it might not be as convenient to do it, life isn’t convenient. My liver never asked me about when would be a good time to act out.

If you’re making changes, you’ll have resistance, but you need the changes when you need to be busiest.

Health can’t wait. Disease doesn’t.

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