Hormone Supplements Morning and Evening Routine

I hinted in a prior post that I would share my hormone supplements routine and here it is. I Debra Atkinson head and shoulders picture tested, had tests interpreted, made my personal choices, and have a plan.

I’ve had a few subscribers ask about whether I am taking hormone supplements. The question and or reaction suggesting surprise that I would. I want to clarify that whether you have a need for them or not, and whether you decide to take bio-identical hormones or not is no sign of something you’re doing right or wrong, nor is it good or bad. Genetics and your situation are unique. It is your choice.

To Add Hormone Supplements or Not

My personal vote is to manage everything I can personally by identifying the optimal nutrition, exercise, stress success, lifestyle habits and then considering additional options. I’m not a go-see-the-doctor and get fixed kind of gal. I do everything in my power first. That’s my job. Then it’s time to look at what’s true and choices for support. I’m all for herbs and essential oil support but already conscious of these and practicing them daily if I’m not having the right balance for best health and risk reduction, I’m in for the long game.

I can’t see a time when I’ll want less energy, more risk of disease, less cognitive function or want accelerated aging, so this isn’t just a temporary thing. Any of these supplements – like an exercise or nutrition program you begin- may be a part of life. Some might need adjusting from time to time as needs change – or science improves. Wasn’t it Steven Covey who said, begin with the end in mind? I have high expectations for the end! This is just the start of the second half. It’s when games are won.

What’s missing right now from my hormone supplements routine is the multivitamin I typically take am and pm. After initial testing my liver function was suspicious so we’re going to retest after removing it, reintroducing and testing again. I’ve been doing some gentle liver-supporting things consciously too, including more greens-packed smoothies, more lemon water and apple cider vinegar not just first thing in the morning but throughout the day. I’ve contemplated doing a DIY liver cleanse (complete with the enema) but can’t make myself do it!

In this video I also didn’t take an evening magnesium supplement. The biggest reason is I had just run out of Magnesium Citrate and because I was lightening up on anything I was taking short term, I didn’t rush to restock. I take about 1000 mcg with dinner each evening. I do this when I travel. As I increase training or in winter (summer girl) I also take additional Vitamin C daily.

The Results of Hormone Supplements

I’ve been taking the full routine for almost a month right now. My biggest complaint before starting was sleep that suddenly became elusive. It’s been a challenging to isolate whether that’s improved or not. Outside of a handful of nights its been extremely hot and the cumulative effect of hot days has made it hot in this Colorado house (with no A/C). I’ve jumped beds to find a cooler option downstairs but that musical-beds-in the middle of the night is a bad idea. Starting out in a new room gave me a few nights of relief.

The best test of whether sleep has improved will be this coming week. Travel sleep for me has always been great! Air conditioning, white noise, and complete quiet – no dog, mean I sleep better away than at home!

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