10 Hormone Balancing Exercise Tips

Hormone balancing doesn’t have to rely on bio-identical hormones. You don’t have to wonder if you can afford functional doctor or bio-identical hormones, or supplements. You first need to understand how to exercise – and support it with habits including eating the right foods at the right time. Hormone balancing gets its foundation in the habits you do daily.

Hormone balancing will be a struggle if you ignore the powerful impact your small daily habits have.

If you’ve let a cup of coffee turn into two or three…

If you’ve let your workout slide to the side in favor of working another hour…

If you’ve let sleep take the back seat to some Netflix binge…

If you’ve let a drive through or picking up food at the moment you’re already tired and cranky become a habit…

Hormone balancing is harder.

But exercise to lose fat and punish calories out of you does not work and in fact backfires for most women in midlife.

In this episode I elaborate on 10 tips for Hormone balancing that are key to the After 50 Fitness Formula for Women including:

  • Do your intense workouts early
  • Light workouts are best late
  • Restore before you do more especially if you’re in adrenal fatigue
  • Get deep sleep
  • Choose your activities for the joy not for the calories or fat burning
  • Go pro – eating a high protein meal 60-120 minutes after a tough workout

If you change the way you think about exercise you’ll better be able to support your hormone balancing.

Share your comments with me below this episode!

You may be thinking hormone balancing is something you’ve got to see a doctor for, and while a practitioner can be helpful- and necessary – YOU are your first and best ally in hormone balance.

Need support? Join the 28 Day Kickstart! Try it solo or better yet, do it with a friend!

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