Hormone Balancing Exercise Research | Lessons learned in 8 years

Hormone balancing exercise has consumed me for 8 years. The 29 before that I was laying a foundation and didn’t even realize it. One of my top values is learning and another teaching. It’s been a privilege and pleasure to learn and teach so much to help so many.

Today I’m reading to you from You Still Got It, Girl! I look forward to years more with you!

You Still Got It, Girl! Book

Preface from You Still Got It, Girl!

If you’re tired of the weight-loss weight-gain roller coaster, overwhelmed with diet and exercise advice and you want to avoid menopause weight gain or find a solution to low energy, high stress, stubborn pounds, and implement a smarter complete action plan that works and lasts, you’re holding that action plan in your hands right now. How many of these problems can you identify with?

  • “It’s doesn’t matter if I eat “good” or “bad” nothing seems to change.”
  • “I’m putting weight on in places I never had problems before.”
  • “I know I need to exercise I just don’t know what to do … and I don’t want to get hurt.”
  • “Every trainer or nutritionist I see gives me different advice –who do I believe?”
  • “When I couldn’t lose weight my trainer said, well, you’re getting old.
  • “I’m willing to do it, it if I knew what it is!”

This book will be different in two ways. First, the book brings together seven essential areas that science knows can no longer be addressed in isolation. Wonderful resource books exist for weight training, cardio, diet, sleep, stress, and hormones. Yet, none of the existing titles help you understand the integration of these pieces so you can create a whole-person fitness plan.

It’s Not Your Mama’s Diet Book

Second, the book will be unique from other diet or exercise books in the way it is written and formatted. It features easy-to-read type, short paragraphs and quick-read lists and sidebars so you can absorb the information quickly.

Each chapter features a different contributing expert, or case studies and success stories. You don’t have to read this book front to back. You can take the a-stressment at the beginning of the book and then jump to the chapter you need most. Dump your thoughts of January Resolutions when you’ve tried and failed to change everything at once. There is one thing that will have the greatest impact on your success. That’s where you should begin.

Filled with stories

The book is written in a conversational style with insightful anecdotes, checklists and self-assessment forms. Don’t let the amount of research cited scare you. This is a blend of science and boomer-to-boomer over-the-fence conversation.  Imagine you and I having a glass of wine or cup of tea while you read. We’re going to talk about cortisol as if she’s not even in the room.  She’s not your diva.

Research on aging and every topic included in this book is exploding. My inbox is groaning. We’ve learned more in the last five years than in the last 30. Researchers and fitness professionals are aging too. We want answers as much as you do.

Hormone balancing exercise logic

Logic will have you nodding in agreement to new information. Habit gravity will have you pushing the same speed and incline on the treadmill as yesterday. This book provides interactive components to help you change your actions to change your results. What a waste if you only read this book and don’t know what to do. I’ve written this book as if you are my coaching client and we’re about change.

That said; you’re an expert. I am going to encourage you to start listening to your body again. Women in particular have accepted symptoms and signs something is wrong as normal. The book focuses on reaching solutions naturally by defining “right” in each area. When in doubt I encourage you to visit your local hormonitarian. Assess: don’t guess. The problem with some of the things we want to test is nothing will show until you’ve got 90% damage. Trust your gut. No pun intended.

Overnight Success

There’s a Steve Jobs quote that makes regular rounds on social media. When you look closely, most overnight successes were years in the making. Reality is, the fatologue of belly bulge, bat wings, and kankles you’re gathering didn’t arrive by FedEx. It too was years in the making. What we learned and became our habits in the last 30 or more years doesn’t work any more. It never did. We were just too young, and too busy to notice or to do anything about it. We just bought a bigger sweater, more elastic waistbands and carpooled and climbed the ladder onward.

Chances are if you’re reading this you’re not just frustrated with overweight or extra pounds. You suffer from infobesity. This book will help you spot seductive cover headlines that blindside you when you’re vulnerable and show you to what really works.

It’s Conversational

Grammar is not always followed, on purpose. You’ll find a vocabulary unique to fatpedia for females. This is intended to be informal and more useful than proper. I hope if you’re a stickler for grammar you’ll forgive me.

Someone suggested I write this like I’m talking to a friend. I did. I don’t let her off the hook too often. I’m kind of a pain like that. If she’s crazy-making with excuses or sabotaging herself it’s bad enough if she believes it. I don’t get in there with her.

You too are going to get the science, and the support, along with unbiased truth and tough love. If you’re ready to put yourself first and put old ideas aside, you can feel better in your second fifty than you’ve ever felt in your life.


You Still Got It, Girl!


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