Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

Whether or not you like football, the Super Bowl is a great reason for a party, even if a party environment at home. Skip the little weenies in the crockpot and create some fun healthy Super Bowl recipes that don’t ruin the New Year you’re rocking. You’ll wake up ready for that Monday morning workout.

A few suggestions to prevent that Monday after Super Bowl food hangover:

  • Eat like you would any other meal – don’t let munching linger for hours
  • Consider having a protein shake before you go, especially if you don’t know what will be there
  • Have a plate of veggies to start
  • Find your way to the protein and healthy fat items
  • If you’re not hosting, bring healthy Super Bowl recipes to share
  • Others have food sensitivities too – consider labeling foods for guests
  • Know your triggers – if starting on the chips mean you’ll start a binge leave them alone (or at the store)
  • When you’re done, be done – the kitchen closes after you eat

Instead of a Spectator Sport

You can make it active with pushups, wall sits, or planks the family can all get involved in. Pick your teams and when the opponent scores:

  • Touch down = 7 push ups
  • Extra point = minute plank

I like to make it cumulative. That is, the second time the other team scores, you have do 14 pushups… etc. Pick carefully! I did this with a high school friend during an interstate rivalry once and was pretty sore the next day! Dressed in a way not conducive to exercise? Save your point payoff for your Monday workout!

Try the healthy Super Bowl Recipes below!

Then share yours!

I’m giving away a Nutribullet (and collecting Flipping 50 community recipes to share with all our subscribers!)
Contest rules:

Keep your recipe Flipping 50-program worthy: free of dairy, soy, gluten, wheat, and no added sugar, or corn.

Make it yours. If you’ve borrowed or modified a recipe, and you’re sending it as your own – great, that’s exactly what we’re looking for! Please don’t just share a recipe verbatim from someone without giving the author credit. Images are a plus, but not mandatory!

Send through the Contact form here on or if you’re a subscriber, respond to any email with your recipe. Every recipe you share is an entry. Send as many as you like… but hurry! Our panel sorts through them and chooses beginning Feb 1 (when the contest is closes). We’ll share a few more recipes before the big game… and the rest in a community cookbook later this month.

Then, subscribe at to learn who the winner is and get the recipe book when it’s ready!

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes to Inspire You

Hemp Heart Ranch Dip

Hemp hearts are packed with protein and healthy fat. They can be a crunchy topping for salads and they get creamy when combined with oil so you can create dips and salad dressings with them for a dairy-free, soy-free fit food option.



Combine everything through the lemon juice in your Nutribullet and blend until smooth. Add remaining three ingredients and blend just to combine but leave some specks! Prepare it the day before for the best flavor.

Flip: Use it thick as a dip or add water for a salad dressing. Even for your Super Bowl party you can serve endive for dipping in a thinner dressing instead of a dip for heartier veggies.

Spinach Artichoke Dip



Use an S blade in a food processor or add all ingredients to your Nutribullet. Process until smooth and then adjust seasonings. Refrigerate at least two hours for best flavor. Serve chilled. This is so good as a dip, or a hearty spread and filling for wraps, even to tossed with your favorite noodles. Add some protein and dinner is served!

Flip: Double it. You’re going to love it.

Video coming soon that will show and tell how I use this one! Subscribe! 

healthy super bowl recipes - greek salad Greek Salad Dressing



Blend until smooth and all the oil is emulsified. Pour over family-sized salad (4 servings) and serve immediately.

Pairs well with your favorite version of traditional Greek salad with: chopped romaine, cucumber, tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion, kalamata olives and goat’s milk (optional).

Flip for a meal: Add salmon or chicken to top the salad off and a source of resistant carbs. So good!

Got a go-to recipe you love? Share it and enter the NutriBullet Super Bowl contest by Wed 11:59pm MST!! A Flipping 50 woman can’t have too many healthy options!

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