How to Make a Healthier Halloween Tradition | Special Episode

The holidays are kicked off with Halloween. Will yours be a healthier Halloween or start a cascade of sugary treats that last through the New Year?

Whether you acknowledge it, deny it, or you’re somewhere in the middle things aren’t the same as when you were a kid no matter how old you are reading this!

If you’re over 50 you may as I did get pounds and pounds of candy going door to door. We made it our mission some years to canvas the entire town (small town but still)! We literally had car pools so parents could drop us at different neighborhoods.

We didn’t dump it after, we ate it. Teachers dreaded those days and weeks after Halloween, I’m sure.

That was back in the day when people still made homemade popcorn balls or cookies, too. No one was scanning their haul at the police station back then.

We know now that sugar causes cancer. We may or may not give as much thought to dyes and chemicals added to treats that change behavior. But someone does.

In this podcast, my friend and expert on children’s health, Elisa Song, shares her recommendations. She not only has the degrees and credentials but she has the street credentials as she’ll be dressing up her own two-under-10 kids for a healthier Halloween. She is the holistic pediatrician.

This is one to share. Please do. You as parent, grandparent, aunt, great aunt, neighbor, friend… can make a difference.

We’re really not showering them with love when we shower them with sugar, dyes and chemicals. Make this a healthier Halloween and a step on the path to healthier holidays this year!

For more information about kids health:



If this is helpful, please let me know! I’ll bring Elisa back for a full length podcast about kids movement and nutrition.

Make all your holidays healthier this year!

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