How Health Coaching Moves You in the Right Direction Faster

How Does Health Coaching Work?

Today’s episode is pretty much a health coaching call with me. Unless you actually have coached or are a coach it’s hard to know what to expect and how it works. There’s a little dance between asking, listening, suggesting, and providing homework that will give us data.

You can’t see it all here but you can see how we uncover and I play roles as a fitness expert teaching, as well as asking what’s true. In a next session of course there would be more to go on for the choices my client, in this case, Annette would have to consider.

Then we co-collaborate on next steps. But this is a perfect example of someone maybe like you – who isn’t finding it works any more and how we’d explore data collection to give us some clues about why.

How often have you had a question answered before you knew to ask the question by listening to a conversation?

I’m not talking exactly about eavesdropping but you’re invited to listen to a conversation today between myself and Annette, a brand new Flipping 50 virtual member.

Her questions were so on-target with many of our new members that I wanted to do a live health coaching session with her and let you listen.

You’ll be able to hear as the coaching conversation unfolds, how I pick up on certain important points Annette shares. And if you don’t, that could be huge insight for you on what you want to take a closer look at.

Questions we answered in this health coaching session:

  • What is your definition of “healthy eating,” can you describe that?
  • How much protein do you have each meal?
  • Are you aware of your response to food sensitivities like gluten and wheat, or eggs?
  • Can you describe your exercise history?
  • What’s a typical exercise week look like?
  • Why are you so sure not to go heavier than 10 lbs with weight training?
  • Are you concerned about bone density?
  • Health coaching around fitness, especially for women in midlife and older is more than just giving an exercise prescription to follow. It’s listening for the best place to start with one or two small steps based on what’s happening now for the person.

Did you hear how comfortable and valuable coaching can be?

Then two small pieces of homework that could change everything are given. No overwhelm but a concrete way to start moving in a better direction.

Leave a comment below the show notes. Maybe I’ll choose you to be a guest for a complimentary coaching call.

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