Health Benefits for Personal Training Made Easy: What is MedFit Care?

Using health benefits for personal training? At one point this was wishful thinking. Get sick, they said, then you can use those flex benefits. Gain weight, lose muscle and strength, then come back was essentially the message. 

Ever wished you could use your flex benefits toward your personal training and run into obstacles and red tape? Well, you’re going to want to tune in because the world has changed in many ways this past 2 and a half years. This one is a welcome and it’s just the beginning.

If you sat on the sidelines watching gyms close, exercise options dwindle for those who needed it most then listen up. This interview episode unpacks the new MedFit Care and explains how if you’ve got a special condition requiring a more medical exercise specialist than the norm of pass-test-become-certified process, this is for you. 

Exercise became essential. Though it took time, over the course of the pandemic we’ve seen it happen. While some claim gyms are germ-ridden others have acknowledged that gyms, and trainers or even more qualified medical exercise specialists and health coaches, are a must. 

Let’s dive into this episode about using health benefits for personal training or health coaching. 

My Guest: 

Lisa Dougherty started her fitness career in 1999 and has worked for over 20 years with clients with medical conditions or chronic disease, amassing dozens of certifications and continuing education along the way.

Inspired by her father’s cancer battle, she created the MedFit Network to help connect those with medical conditions to fitness, health & wellness professionals who could serve them. Later, seeing a gap in specialized education for these professionals, she founded the MedFit Education Foundation to facilitate and create high-quality education for all facets of medical fitness. She just recently launched MedFit Care which will offer medically necessary exercise prescriptions.

Questions we answer in this episode:

[04:05] You’ve made huge contributions to the fitness industry and to health, they are housed in 3 unique projects, describe those: 

MedFit Network, the nonprofit MedFit Education Foundation, and in 2021 the 3rd project, MedFit Care, a telehealth company offering medically necessary exercise prescriptions.

[06:25] How is MedFit Network and the MedFit Education Foundation making a difference in the quality of education and knowledge available to trainers and health coaches, as well as physicians? 

[11:03] What is MedFit Care and how does it work? 

[14:10] How would listeners wanting to use health benefits for personal training learn if they qualify and find a qualified health & fitness professional? 

Is it ready, and if not, when will it be? 

Connect with Lisa: 

For locating someone in your area to work with :

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Join MFN and become a MedFit Care provider:

Lisa’s guest appearances on our sister Fitness Pros site: 

Is Medical Fitness the Post Pandemic Future? 

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