Have You Fallen For Any of These Myths?

Which Myths Have Trapped You?

You’re smart. You’re logical. You nod. It makes sense. Then, faced with a decision, a choice, it’s just so easy to fall back on old patterns. They run deep those old thoughts and habits. Here are a few myths presented side-ways, backwards, and upside-down, since that’s reall the way they appear next to the real truth of what works.

#1. You have to eliminate your favorite foods.

The reality is that, unless you’ve got a food sensitivity or outright allergy, your favorite foods should be a regular part of your routine. If chocolate has power over you, a small piece a day may be the best thing you can do. If you crave peanut butter or pizza, find a way to include them. Have the peanut butter with apple or celery. Drop it into a smoothie. The more you cut a food out, the more power you give it over you.


#2. You have to exercise to burn tons of calories in order to lose weight.

You do need to move…for your health, for your enjoyment, and happiness. But you won’t lose weight simply by exercising without changing your nutrition habits. And you could change your nutrition habits to boost metabolism without increasing exercise and lose weight. It wouldn’t be ideal: you need both the movement to use and strengthen muscles and the nutrition to fuel them. Ultimately, you make far more decisions about your food daily than you do about exercise. If you get that side of the equation right, the rest is easier.

Too much exercise in fact, particularly cardio that women tend to love more (until they see the results from weight training), can burn out your adrenals. That’s not going the right direction if you want more energy or weight loss.


#3. If you’re thin you don’t need to exercise or watch what you eat. If you’re a larger size person you’re lazy and out of shape.

This one I can personally share is completely false. Heart disease for one does not discriminate. A good friend, a size 2 on a bad day, had a heart attack in her early 40s. Stress doesn’t discriminate by size or weight. Likewise, I have some clients who are extremely fit even while they’d like to be down another 40 lbs easily. Keep your eyes on the habits that create health and count their frequency if you must count.


#4. You should follow a chart that tells you for your height you should weigh within a specific weight range.

This one is ridiculous if you’re a fit person. Especially if you’re a woman who weight trains. You may be underweight, over the ideal weight or within the weight and as long as you’re getting sufficient nutrients, exercise, and have healthy habits, you’re doing all that’s within your control.


#5. Losing weight is about dieting, deprivation, being hungry and discipline.

You absolutely don’t have to suffer. This post is completely and utterly BUSTED. If this is still your approach you need to explore more. The right way is so much easier. The hardest part is eliminating the old thoughts you still hold.


What myth did I miss that’s true of you or friends?

Share your thoughts in comments and thanks for being here!


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