Gifts Mom Wants for Mother’s Day (but won’t buy herself)

This post is full of gifts mom wants for Mother’s Day, but doesn’t even know she does!

Did you know 40% of moms fake reactions to gifts they don’t like? Makes me wonder about all those poems I wrote when I was younger. She never used, “Interesting.” That’s code for, not my taste, but whatever you like. LOL!

It’s no joke, mom doesn’t even know what she wants. This is a lot closer to the truth than not! In an appointment yesterday the aesthetician said, “I don’t even know what to do when I don’t have my kids or my boyfriend is doing something else.” Truth. Women often crave time for themselves but don’t know what to do when they have it.

Gifts Mom Wants

So when you ask her, she may not have an answer. While massages and facials are always a win, or a gift card for sushi (thanks, Dustin), these are also some of my favorites that she often won’t get for herself. She won’t necessarily splurge on the good stuff. You can spoil her.

My Favorite Matcha Piquetea

Give her (or yourself) something that is not only good for your health, burning fat, and immunity but feels like a treat.

Listen, every day all year I promote matcha for health. But not any matcha, Piquetea, matcha.

Let me explain the why behind matcha first.

  • Consumed before workouts it boosts fat burning after interval training by 29%.
  • No workout? Still a good idea as it boosts your resting metabolism by 24%.

It offers the “alert” support of caffeine without the jitters and cortisol-tipping negative effects no midlife woman needs (thanks to L-theonine).

It’s powerful antioxidant support (hello, radiant skin – that she may be missing in midlife)

Why I’m Picky

Why Piquetea specifically? Well, like happens with anything that product developers determine has become popular and has staying power, there’s a lot of competition out there. Unfortunately, it’s not screened and tested, definitely not quadruple-screened. So, you potentially drink toxins, mold, and pesticides with that daily habit you think is healthy. If you’re like me and you have two mugs daily, that’s just a hormone disruptor waiting to happen.

And I know, when you choose the best you pay more. I do. But you’re either deciding to knowingly have something toxic or to use a safe (and in my opinion better tasting and performing) product.

Until Mother’s Day 2021 (or until supplies last) for every $100 you spend you’ll get 5% off, free shipping, and a special 53-page “Bouquet of Teas” recipe book and card ($25 value) + Pique will donate $5 to “Every Mother Counts” with my LINK. Don’t forget to use my code  at checkout!

Of course, their other teas are great too. I sent my mom an assortment of herbal teas (she needs better hydration, and the woman does not need more caffeine)! She loved them. Yours will too. Even I, non-herbal tea drinker, enjoyed them.

Gifts Mom Wants: RelaxUltima

Seriously, ladies, this is for you. Get it, don’t wait. If you have real issues buying it for yourself, buy it for your husband for Father’s Day and use it yourself. Women tend to store their tension in their upper back and neck.

There are so many causes of tension there:

  • Purses
  • Pregnancy weight shifts
  • Carrying babies
  • Carrying backpacks
  • Keyboards
  • Cold
  • Breasts
  • Poor posture
  • Contemporary life

Sure, not all of those are unique to women, but women also tend to have less strength in a certain muscle group called rhomboids. If they’re weak and not doing their job, the upper trapezius over fires when it shouldn’t. That sets off a cascade of things that can result in chronic tension, upper back pain or discomfort, and headaches.

This tool is a-mazing. It’s light weight. It’s reasonably priced for a tens unit feature and it’s non-obtrusive: meaning for me at least I put it on while I’m at the keyboard in the morning and it helps me prevent the tension during the day. Using again later for another 15 minutes reduces built up tension from that same posture.

Gifts Mom Wants Ends May 8

Right now, for a very short time, I scored 15% off for you with my code: Flipping15

That’s only good through May 8, so you’ll be able to get the RelaxUltima any time (and it’s worth it) but the code is short term.

USE: Flipping15  For 15% off your purchase May 1-8

You can watch this video to see how light and how easy to use!

Their delivery is fast (I got mine in 2 days!) but to make sure she (or you) get it, order soon. What I’d do if it hasn’t arrived is take a screen shot and wrap it up!

Moms carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Whether you’re the black sheep or the favorite (or both… and that’s for my brother, you know who you are), give her the gift she’ll love! These are the gifts mom wants. 

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