Getting Your Heart In Shape

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This past week has been an eclectic emotional roller coaster. It’s been exhausting, overwhelming, frustrating, confusing, heartbreaking and so much more.

I’ve had friends express their own awful life circumstances and explain how they got through it not because they were any more emotionally equipped than the next person but because of their physical health. My friends and colleagues in the functional health and wellness space, of course is who I’m referring to. None of us is immune to life throwing curve balls.

Yet when they come if you’re physically strong and at your optimal health you can better handle the change in direction.

I understand it now. Too well.

Like we don’t unfortunately, get motivated to exercise today because we might be avoiding cancer or heart disease later, we aren’t likely to be motivated by helping our resilience to some unlikely tragedy that could happen.

I’ve witnessed amazing strength and grace this week I wish I’d never have had to see. I’ll see it again for years to come I’ve no doubt.

So many of you readers have shared their own such life tragedy and circumstances that I know there’s hope and light and more laughter down the road. The shadows we stand in right now aren’t the places we’ll just have shade from later. The world both got smaller and bigger this week as people who don’t even know us personally stepped forward with messages of encouragement, and the community became our friends.

Nothing prepares you emotionally for this and yet, motion drives emotion: you can prepare yourself physically to handle whatever life has in store.

I haven’t prepared words for today’s blog. I’m struggling to make sense and purpose out of my writing this week but I do know that to live and love fully you must take care of yourself. It starts with you.

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This young man died doing what he loved. You can see from both images that he loved and lived fully. Do not let a single day go by with excuses or reasons why you can’t. For each, construct a reason why you can and must. His death was too soon. He’ll ever be remembered as the husband, dad, coworker, biker, engineer, son, brother… with the quick smile and though he could do most things better than most people can he never let on that was the case.

If there is something you’re not doing that you wish you were, why? If there’s something you’re doing that just doesn’t make sense, why?

You’ve got a short time here. Use it well.

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