Get Motivated and Stay Motivated: Episode 16

In this episode Susan asked for help getting and staying motivated. Although there are a few steps she needs to take to create a plan for exercise and eating, that’s not the obstacle for her motivation.


In Bliss, Charge:



If, like Susan, you have a life’s passion that has simply disappeared from your life, start there. Put it back! Even in small scale, it matters. Susan, for instance, loves to sing but she hasn’t had any singing gigs for years. Did you notice she never mentioned the need for compensation or money, just the need for singing?

None of us get motivated by setting a logical goal.

Once Susan has put some excitement back in her life and established her “why,” nutrition and exercise are the easy part.

Our minds form a “who” we are, and we treat ourselves accordingly. As soon as we start acting as if we already have what we want, and take actions to get it, things begin to change. It’s not all meditation and woo-woo! You can’t pray your way to being different. You have to hustle. In Susan’s case, I suggest she start creating opportunities to sing. Whether it’s getting in front of an audience at a coffee shop, singing carols during the holiday season, creating a holiday or Valentine’s playlist on YouTube to begin marketing herself, or getting a listing for a few months to see what happens, I suggest she takes back her “who.” Then, she’ll be more likely to use the exercise equipment in her house – or take a risk and get outdoors.

Just taking action and beginning to dream again can change everything about your motivation to take better care of yourself.


Dress for Success!

Flipping 50_S2-E3a

Get motivated with the right “uniform.” We’ve had it all backward for too long. Waiting to wear clothes you love, to get out and do the things you love, needs a flip! In this episode, I sat down with Skirt Sports owner Nicole DeBoom and talked about the relationship women have with their bodies. It’s so important to feel good NOW while you’re on the journey (and end that, anal-retentive attitude of …when I reach XYZ…then I’ll ABC)! Watch the transformation of our real women models!



Minute Made Meals:


Get motivated with the right food for all-day energy.

1. First, focus on a high protein breakfast (35-40 grams), plus fiber and fat to keep you full and satisfied until your next meal. For so many of us breakfast is a roll of the dice; sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t.

You think the wheels fall off the bus at lunch, but truly it happens when you fail yourself at breakfast.


If you nail breakfast, data show that we voluntarily make better decisions at the next meal.

2. Next, keep it simple. Plan, plan, plan for simple high protein, fat, and high-nutrient dense foods whether you’re on-the-go or at home. My lunch included shrimp, avocado, and nuts, and you could also add berries or an orange for a little carbohydrate to power your afternoon and defeat cravings before they begin. The most important part of lunch? The insulated cooler, so it’s simple to go out the door ready to win.

3. Make dinner. Snacking, because no one else is at home to cook for, implies you’re not worth it. Make preparing for each meal a priority.


Muscles in Minutes:


Get motivated with all the right moves.

Check out this Basic Training planning tool so that you get started simply, progress gradually, and get onto the workouts that will reap you rewards.

Big thanks to our friends at Skirt Sports today for showing us how to fit NOW. When you look good, you feel good, and you do good. You’ll be inspired to exercise more often and longer when you feel good about the way you look. Dress for success.

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The Key Flip of the Day

Get motivated and make it easy to do the right thing by tying your heart strings to it. Plan ahead, and live in the present. The best way to do that is to:




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