Can Genetics Optimize Your Exercise? Is Your HIIT Rated PG?

Could knowing your DNA or genetics optimize your exercise programming? I’m a fan of course. DNA testing results can be an eye-opener about exercise, as well as optimal eating, sleep, and even supplementation considerations. What are you predisposed for?

Beyond that is the subtitle today, why some people get fatter with more exercise, that got your attention. You’ll love this episode with my guest Dr. Sam Shay.

This episode is all about you… and unlike hormones and situations in life, it’s something you can always rely on. Unlike lab tests, your DNA snips don’t change so you can test once and find it supports your compliance following what you know to be right and easily rejecting fads and trends all wrong for you.

My Guest:

Dr. Sam Shay, DC, IFMCP helps busy, health-conscious entrepreneurs and mom-preneurs increase their energy, resilience, and “Stop-The-Clock” from the effects of aging, so they can create and sustain a healthy and free life.

Dr. Shay has dedicated his life to helping others through functional medicine and functional genetics. He has recently authored a new eBook on Genetics where you can learn the different types of genetics-based weight gain, how to future proof your brain, food triggers, how to genetically determine your optimal carb-tolerance, vitamin D absorption*, and immunity support.*

* both so important to us in this moment of time we’re in and forever will be

We’ll share how you can get access to that free book later in the podcast and that link will be in the show notes.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  1. How is your genetics approach different from others?
  2. Your ebook talks about the 3 different genetic ‘weight loss types’. Can you describe them and how women who aim to be fit, healthy, and at an ideal weight in menopause and beyond may be doing things against their own genetics?
  3. Can you explain how for some women, the more they exercise, the fatter or more ‘washed out’ their muscles are? Some – who are still cycling – even have their menstrual cycles get worse?
  4. Some listeners will wonder, can’t you just get this info from 23AndMe or Ancestry?
  5. How can listeners get in touch with you to learn more about their genetics?

Free Book for Listeners:

Get your free copy of Dr. Sam Shay’s ebook: “Your Missing Genes: The Revolutionary Method to find your ideal diet, balanced weight, and help “Stop-The-Clock” of the effects of Aging,” available at

Sam’s Social media

Listeners: Would you love to have Sam back to talk about addiction? Leave your comment below the show notes at

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