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A Fit Woman’s Guide to Protein for Muscle, Bone, Skin, & Hormones

  • My sample schedule and timing for mature active adults, immune-boosting, and  injury-recovery, sedentary individuals

  • The gap between RDAs and research

  • Lingering myths about protein

Masterclass hosted by

Debra Atkinson, CEO

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Here’s what I taught:

  • Science on how much protein you need

  • Why timing of protein matters more now

  • Collagen, Essential Amino Acids, Branch Chain Amino Acids defined

  • Benefits of adequate protein & Limits of too little

What what people loved learning:

  • Sources of High-Quality Protein

  • Protein consumption effects on muscle, bone, hormones

  • Serving size & timing pre and post exercise

  • How and when carbs + protein works best

Debra Atkinson - Hormone balance for women over 50
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