Starting Strong: 13 Habits Women in Menopause Can Leave in 2020

  • The difference between goal setters and goal getters 

  • How YOU become a goal getter

  • The difference between manifesting and goal setting

  • Where placebo effect fits in

Masterclass hosted by

Debra Atkinson, CEO


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Debra masterclass q and a

Here’s what I’ll teach:

  • How to know which habits to choose

  • Two key parts of setting action goals 

  • A key mistake in setting transformation goals 

  • Why I’ve said SMART goals are dumb for decades

What people love learning:

  • What measures matter before during and after menopause 

  • How to make it easy to do the right thing 

  • How to make it hard and undesirable to continue a bad habit

debra atkinson hormone balance for women over 50
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