I Gained Muscle After 50: How I Lost Fat

In this episode, I’ll share how I lost fat and gained muscle after 50 and discuss how I improved my body composition. There’s a winning score at the end of this decade, but I was down by some significant points halfway through. Here’s how I Caitlin-Clarked the strategy and came out ahead.

How I’ve added 4 lbs of lean muscle, lost 4% body fat from 50 to 60

I’ve added 4 lbs of lean muscle and lost 4% body fat this last decade. In between, I gained 12-14, or 13 lbs, of inflammation and also lost that!

Before I start, you need to know that I’ve been thinner. It’s no longer the goal. I’m kind of sick of it. For 40 years, I’ve watched the #1 motivator for women to exercise is weight loss. I’ve watched fitness professionals cover each other’s bodies, knowing the science and intelligence of what is genuinely fitness. However, they still wish they had someone’s body they perceived as better than their own. I’m really over it. If that is your number one goal, it may happen while you focus on something else, but it probably will NOT happen if you’re chasing the weight.

We still haven’t gotten the fact… fact… that you will attract and get to keep what you focus on. This is no longer woo-woo, pseudoscience. It is simply a fact. I WANT energy, strength, and the ability to hike the Grand Canyon well into my next 40 years. In the process, I will probably optimize my body composition, not because I’m chasing weight loss but because I want to do everything I should have been doing all along.

Serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin play a big part in how I gained muscle after 50, and we often forget about this. We get fleeting hits from exercise itself and long-lasting enjoyment from memories of living on the bucket list.

The other thing I realized just this week (approaching my 60th birthday) is that for way too long, I left things I love in my closet, saving them for … I’m not sure what. That ends. I wear fancy pants for dinner today and whenever I want to.

Apparently, I had to be 60 to give myself permission.

Here’s How I Gained Muscle After 50

The exercise & lifestyle changes that happened in this last decade:

  • I prioritize protein and non-starchy veggies [over something low fat]
  • I will eat dessert if I want it, but just last, and if it’s not that good, I can skip it.
  • I focus on eating enough rather than eating less.
  • I prioritize walking and weight training (even over HIIT)
  • I implement recovery strategies daily, only now waiting until I need them.
  • I lift heavy at a minimum once weekly but usually twice.
  • I cycle training very consciously.
  • I use explosive power and fast twitch agility 2-3 times weekly.
  • I rest consciously between sets of exercises for the same muscle group.
  • I recover like it’s my job after challenging workouts. I have food at the right time, rest and sleep, hydrate, and add 4 tools that help too.
  • My gut health is a TOP priority. ANY sign is not optimal, and I fix it NOW.

Tools I Use to Enhance Recovery or Boost Performance RELIGIOUSLY:

Epsom salt baths (be sure there is NOTHING added)

Sunlighten Sauna: https://www.flippingfifty.com/sauna

Power Plate: https://www.flippingfifty.com/PowerPlate Code: Flipping50

Weighted Vest see my pics in Amazon store from https://www.flippingfifty.com/resources

One More Thing About Gaining Muscle After 50

Someone watched a video of Moses this week and commented, I wish I could get excited about nothing.

“A dog’s life” is no joke. I leave him to go to the grocery store, and he has to hug me for a few minutes before letting me put groceries away. He’s so excited I came back.

If you can get excited not just about the big things – the Grand Canyon in September – or a wedding in October – but about the things that happen EVERY DAY, then you’re living well.

Take charge of your quality of life. By consistently tending to the little things, you’ll find that the big things will fall into place.

I have no intention of letting my goals get smaller as I get older.

They’re getting more significant. I hope yours are too. And I hope you’re not putting them off. It won’t get convenient… until we can’t choose it anymore. Don’t wish for that.

Curious about the supplements I use to support muscle? Stay tuned for the next solo episode, where I’ll share all the details.


Stronger: https://www.flippingfifty.com/getstronger

Power Plate: (Save with code: Flipping50) https://www.flippingfifty.com/powerplate

Blood Glucose Monitor: https://www.flippingfifty.com/myglucose

What When Why to Exercise summit 2024:


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