Step 2 of 2

This is Step 2 of the 2 step questionnaire.

On this page, please include your Pre-Program measurements.

There’s a phrase that goes something like:

  • You can best improve the things that you track.
  • You can best track the things that you measure.

So, we’re going to measure.

Please include your measurements on this page so that I can help you see how much progress you’re making through the Stronger program!


    Questions? Watch the video or see below for how to take measurements

    Instructions For Measurements:

    Upper Arm: Midway between elbow and shoulder – right arm
    Shoulder: Arms at sides, around arm at armpit
    Chest: Taken under bra line
    Belly Button: Parallel to the floor, even with belly button
    Hip: Widest part of the hip, parallel to the floor
    Thigh: Midway between knee and hip – right leg
    Calf: Largest part of your calf

    Still have Questions? Please watch the “how to measure” video

    Learn how to measure!
    – Click/Tap play below –

    Now that you know how to measure,
    scroll back up to enter your measurements.

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