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Midlife weight loss is a moving target and you know you want answers.

Weight Loss

You know it’s about muscle and you want the tips: how, what, and why


Between energy and fatigue, you’re the latter, and you want answers.


Science-based muscle and protein facts. How much, when, and how often?


Avoid osteoperosis, or deal with it once you know you have it.

Bone Density

Heal Your Thyroid and Reverse Hashimotos

Can you reverse Hashimotos? Or you may be asking, what exactly is that? What if your thyroid issues weren’t just thyroid issues but an autoimmune disease and you didn’t know it? Could the fatigue and hair loss you’ve experienced be fixed with changes in lifestyle and reverse Hashimotos? Often unfortunately, it’s still not all that

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28-Day CGM Experiment: What I Learned This Time

It’s not my first 28-Day CGM Experiment. [CGM, by the way, is Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor]. I’m not new to this. I use this with clients and suggest for our members they do this if they’re doing -what they think- are all the things and not getting results.Another subgroup of clients I do this with

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Birthdays After 40 | Happy 60th Birthday

The birthdays after 40. Remember when birthdays were all slumber parties and phone-shaped cake? What are your thoughts on birthdays now? While we couldn’t wait to be older once, I’m curious how some of the birthdays now feel. First there was 10 – double digits, then 13 of course finally making it to teenage-hood. Then

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Common Injuries After 40 (and How to Fix Common Injuries)

I hope you don’t know this from experience but there are common injuries after 40 that we can help you fix. The right trainer and program helps you avoid them, the wrong trainer may lead you to them.To clarify, exercise doesn’t always cause injury but it can make you very aware that you began a

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What Accelerates Aging and How to Reverse Aging

Are your habits accelerating aging? It’s well known that oxidation accelerates aging, and yet the question could be if we know what accelerates aging don’t we also then know how to reverse aging? I have a controversial guest on the show today. You know if you’re here and have been for a minute that I’m

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money is power

Money is Power, Women Need More of Both

Money is power. You may be asking, do I have the right podcast? Isn’t this health and fitness and all things menopause fitness & hormones? Yes, yes it is. And if I give you the blueprint for longevity and a healthspan to match, money is going to come up. Did you plan on living as

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Are You Insulin Resistant in Menopause or Beyond?

If you’ve become insulin resistant in menopause, or suspect you are and want to know more about how to confirm it and resolve it, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.You’ll learn about testing, about habits that will help reduce your risk of insulin resistance and so much more. Understanding and addressing insulin

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Living Longer is NOT the Goal: Research on Longevity

Living well, not living longer ought to be the goal. Everywhere I turn though this is the longevity economy. What can I do to live longer? What can I take? What’s my real age? Interest in Flipping 50’s genetic test for chronological vs biological age and what to do about it is peaking. We want

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