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5 Cool Exercise Answers to Hot Menopause Symptoms

If you’re stuck in this 10 (or more) pound weight gain, you exercise to the point of exhaustion, you’re awake with hot flashes, and baffled about what to put in your mouth right now, this is for you. If any one of those resonated with you or you’re experiencing belly fat and cellulite you’ve never

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How to Choose the Best Athletic Shoes

How do you choose an athletic shoes?  One of the last things you might consider before you start an exercise program is what shoes you should wear. However, your feet are your foundation and if you don’t get this right every joint upstairs could suffer. In this episode learn how to choose athletic shoes so

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What’s the Best Workout for Your Body Type?

Are you doing the best workout for your body type? But before the episode, it’s more than one thing. It’s body type, it’s hormones, it’s your condition, your goals, and an integration of it all. If you’re exhausted, it could be less about exercise and more about rest. to see my TEDx talk explaining

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The Natural Menopause Solutions You’ll Love

Natural Menopause Solutions Hot flashes, night sweats or kick-your-booty fatigue ? Those symptoms of menopause do not have to run your life. This episode is all about natural menopause solutions, that get you back on track, feeling 100% your sassy self again in no time. I’ve been sharing … well pretty much everything with you

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20 Questions About Flipping 50 and Me

This is definitely a different Flipping 50 podcast. It’s a whose behind the scenes backstage pass kind of podcast. We just surpasses one million listeners and in thanks I’m giving in to a request … 20 of them that I get so very often. For all the what do you eat, how do you exercise,

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Should you continue doing Crossfit?

Post Podcast Note: this episode was recorded before the news about Crossfit hit this week. This is purely coincidental and yet I felt a need to add this note to the post. The program references the physical components and format of the program and it’s appropriateness for one individual asking the question. In this episode

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Should you wear shoes when you workout or go barefoot?

Should you wear shoes when you workout or go barefoot? I’m answering this subscriber question about wearing shoes when you workout today. I’m going to cover several different workouts and when you may indeed be better off with or without shoes. Rebounding – A reader saw me demonstrating a rebounder workout on my JumpSport rebounder wearing

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Should you hold weights while you walk?

Why do you want weights while you walk? That’s the real question. Are you trying to increase intensity? Because the purpose, I want to make clear, should not be to turn your walk into a strength training session. That’s what I’m answering today. Should I add weights to my walk? I’ve been walking with ankle

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5 Walking Workouts You’ll Run to For Results

Walking Workouts Starting to Bore You? Walking is the new running for many with knee, hip, or ankle concerns. It’s the new elliptical and step-mill for many who’ve ditched the gym by necessity or choice. (see my announcement on Instagram). Walking workouts are a good choice for several reasons. Done right walking can be as

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