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Do You Have Leptin Resistance? [What you can do about it]

Leptin resistance, less discussed than insulin resistance, often exists in overweight and obese women and interferes with ability to lose weight.Do you couch-compensate?If you do your run, walk, zumba, do you subconsciously compensate the rest of the day with less activity?You may be at risk if you’re in menopause. And it may be sabotaging your

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10 Hormone Balancing Exercise Tips

Hormone balancing doesn’t have to rely on bio-identical hormones. You don’t have to wonder if you can afford functional doctor or bio-identical hormones, or supplements. You first need to understand how to exercise – and support it with habits including eating the right foods at the right time. Hormone balancing gets its foundation in the

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Natural Solutions You’ll Love for Hormone Balance

Natural solutions for a sexy younger you… doesn’t that sound yummy? My guest today is all about the Flipping 50 lifestyle. It’s as if she co-wrote You Still Got It, Girl! because she totally repeats our mantra: eat more, exercise less, and sleep yourself skinny… you’ll love her!Robin Nielsen is a Functional Clinical Nutritionist, and Hormone

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How Stable Relationships Lead to Better Fitness

Solid and stable relationships are foundational to self care –whether we’re talking with a significant other or friendships or with yourself – that’s where our conversation started.Eighteen year-old Stanley Padgett married his seventeen-year-old high school sweetheart in what easily could have been another divorce statistic. Another couple who naively wed too young and couldn’t make

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You don’t have time to workout?

I don’t have time to work out.Really?This post is not going to sit well with you potentially. So read this next couple sentences carefully.If you’re content to complain about not having time or energy to workout and you truly think that on summer break or once you retire, or that it must be easier for

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Is STRONGER a goal for you? | Special Edition

Don’t miss this special broadcast answering questions about the STRONGER I and II programs.Recorded this last day of the 50% off rate, I don’t want you to miss out if it’s perfect for you and want to be sure you don’t register if it’s wrong for you right now. is open until April 15 but

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Menopause Fitness: Menopause is Not a Sickness

How do you modify your fitness to reflect a menopause fitness routine that will make you better not tired? This episode is about identifying what signs and symptoms are telling you.This episode is brought to you by STRONGER series of strength training for women. The first and ONLY existing hormone balancing strength training programs for

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Exercise for Cellulite Reduction Solutions | Science & Practice

Exercise for Cellulite Reduction SolutionsFirst things first: cellulite reduction and this conversation is not about perfection! It IS about confidence though. Not feeling your best can rock your confidence and who needs that!?Cottage cheese. Dimples. Whatever you call it, no one wants to see it. Do cellulite reduction solutions actually work? Do they have to

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Protein Intake and Strength Training After 50 | 10 Studies

10 Studies: Protein Intake and Strength Training After 50Protein intake and strength training together are your dynamic duo for aging and loving it. 1) Protein was the determining factor when high or low carbohydrate intake did n’t have an impact on successful aging. “Successful” was determined by an integrated rating of social, physical, and mental performance.2)

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