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Midlife weight loss is a moving target and you know you want answers.

Weight Loss

You know it’s about muscle and you want the tips: how, what, and why


Between energy and fatigue, you’re the latter, and you want answers.


Science-based muscle and protein facts. How much, when, and how often?


Avoid osteoperosis, or deal with it once you know you have it.

Bone Density

That Gut Feeling is Real How Gut Impacts Mood

Got that loving gut feeling ? Following that gut feeling may lead you places you don’t want to go right now. If you’ve never given thought to how your gut impacts mood, this is the time. No mood swings or lows to complain about? Stay with me. Because if you’re in midlife, it’s very likely

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Thyroid and Adrenal Health for Women

What if I told you that your thyroid and adrenal health not only are connected (not a news flash) but that your need to floss is also related? Got your attention? My guest is talking about a very important topic or topics for Flipping 50 members. Thyroid and adrenal health are both key to energy, motivation,

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Sex and Sports for Women Over 40

Waning libido is common but it’s not the only thing to consider. We’re looking at libido, sex, and orgasm all inclusively in this episode. If this all makes you blush, it’s audio-only, and we’re just talking. But if you don’t have this discussion with girlfriends because sex talk is uncomfortable, you don’t want it and

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How Much Collagen Counts Toward Protein Needs?

How much does collagen count toward your protein needs? It’s an excellent question. There are  a couple things to keep in mind with protein. It’s like a prescription med in that if you don’t have enough of it, you don’t get the benefit. You’d never take an Rx med just half now and half later

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menopause fitness coaching

Behind the Scenes Menopause Fitness Coaching Session

Today I invite you to listen to a replay of a menopause fitness coaching session from the exclusive STRONGER coaching call library. What questions do women in a 12-week strength training program with varying levels of experience with strength training ask? This is where you find out. The actual coaching session isn’t edited. It occurred

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Sue B Zimmerman Instagram

Navigating Social Media Instagram Tips for Women 40+

I’ve got Instagram tips for women! What if we could make social media more midlife friendly for you? What if it was more than a rabbit hole, something that made you feel bad or fill in the blank not ________ enough? What if you were the boss of it? This is such an off topic.

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clutter free

Clutter Free, Lighter Weight, and Better Sleep?

I’m everything but clutter free. I sit at my desk (aka the dining room table) and can count 5 piles of unique content, just reduced from 6 because I have one sitting behind me on the chair to toss. I’m not proud of this and I know the direct correlation between inability to focus and

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