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Exercise and Sleep in Menopause | Hormone Balancing Tips

Sleep in menopause can be tricky. Managing your sleep and your exercise in an integrated way can make all the difference in your fitness results.In this episode I share a study dividing post-menopausal subjects in a weight loss program into two groups:A long sleep groupA short sleep groupResults showed a significant difference in the amount

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Fasting for Women Over 50 | What Is and Isn’t Fasting Q and A

This episode of Flipping 50 answers several listener questions about fasting for women over 50. I’ve spoken and written about fasting previously as it relates to you and to exercise timing and no doubt will again. This one is here to stay. This episode will help you to decide if it’s appropriate for you, if

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Top 10 Flipping 50 Podcasts of 2020 (links to all)

We’ve made it. I analyzed your Flipping 50 podcast downloads to find the top 10 podcasts of 2020. Thank you for being her and sharing this journey with me! Here’s to 2021 one day at a time better. #10 Top podcasts of 2020 Best HIIT Workouts for Women Over 50        The 10th

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Not Your Daughter’s Workout | Not Your Mother’s Workout

It’s time for some fun in this Not your daughter’s workout Not your mother’s workout episode. We spend this special episode comparing and contrasting Millennials & Gen X/Boomers (50+). So get your long hike shoes on and be ready for the ride. There are a lot of pearls inside. Moms, round up your daughters, in-laws

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Weak Muscles, Flat Butt, and Aging – 3 Muscles to Check

Loss of muscle that begins in your 30’s went unnoticeable for a decade, maybe more. Those weak muscles as a result are likely showing up. More frequent back pain, handing the jar to someone else to open, and neck tension are more signs. Signs you’ve either lost muscle or you’ve got lazy muscles or both.

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How to Go to Sleep and Actually Get Some Sleep During Menopause

Wish you could get some sleep during menopause? You’re not alone. Though programs like the 28 Day Kickstart (inside our Flipping 50 membership) have helped some women increase sleep by 2 hours a night, others of you listening I know, struggle either to make the habit changes consistently, or to sleep. This is for you.

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The Influence of Skeletal Muscle on Aging | Get it, keep it

The combination of menopause and the pandemic may make this topic – the influence of skeletal muscle on aging – one we’re talking about for decades. If you’re a woman within 10 years of menopause or you’re post menopause you want to pay attention. Sponsor Flipping 50’s Master Class on research in 2020 and what

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Perimenopause: The Signs Symptoms and Circus (special guest)

When navigating perimenopause or menopause, consulting an expert is great. It’s always nice to know someone you follow, with education and knowledge, also has that one factor that makes her more valuable than anything else. That? Is what I call the “get you” factor. My guest today has it. And stay tuned … your inner

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