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Intermittent fasting and exercise & eating window | Women Over 50

Wonder about intermittent fasting and exercise ? This is for you. Today’s question about intermittent fasting from Elizabeth “I get the 16/8 thing, but can I drink coffee before my fast ends? What about matcha latte with coconut milk? I’d be fine to exercise fasted if I could do a pre-workout matcha latte. Can I/should

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Do You Need a Doctor, or a Better After 50 Exercise Routine?

Is your after 50 exercise routine working for you? A new study in the Menopause Journal confirms it. The more physical activity you do, the better you feel during menopause. An earlier study published in April confirmed the relationship. This one confirmed there’s a threshold where you’re really supported. You probably didn’t need a study

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Build on Your Strengths | Women Over 50 Live Coaching

What if you build up your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses? It’s not a new concept. Yet, limiting beliefs added to a focus on our weaknesses compound the negative feedback loop you have about them. Today’s podcast is about looking for opportunities. Right now if the moment of your life or the moment

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Is My Coffee Habit Making Me Fat? | Women in Menopause

Would taking Cortisol Manager or Maca offset my coffee habit? That was the real question from a reader. Do you have a coffee habit? Love it and don’t really want to give it up? Out of control a coffee habit could elevate your cortisol. Cortisol and insulin can combine forces for belly fat deposit. You

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Does Exercise Increase or Decrease Cortisol?

How can you decrease cortisol? Does exercise help or hurt?  Are there studies showing exercise elevates cortisol? (Because someone else said exercise reduces cortisol). –Sandrama heynemana Two considerations The type and timing of the exercise The population studied.. was it you? The question to ask is whether or not your exercise has a positive or

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How Do I Know My Ideal Weight Goal? | Women in Menopause

Do you know your ideal weight? I’ll challenge that you don’t. What you may have is a number in your head based on a body composition you didn’t know when you were at that weight.What we have is an ideal body comp0sition. We have an ideal waist-to-hip ratio. We have a waist circumference that is

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Menopause Metabolism Boost Guide Episode | Women Over 50

The questions about metabolism, specifically menopause metabolism, pour in at The questions and the answers today come from a recent 6 session Menopause Metabolism Makeover that was once of the juicy bonuses for new course members and will be available inside our Café members area. Over 130 women took the live course. The questions

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Is it Carbs or Keto? What to Eat for Menopause Fitness

Is it Carbs or Keto? The Confusion About What to Eat for Menopause FitnessIt’s a subscriber Q and A episode today. Is the right kind of carbs – resistant carbs – and cycling them during the day, and during your week or keto? I’ve done Flipping 50 programs where you emphasized carbs. So why would you

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