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How to Digest Better | Beyond Food | Rest and Digest

To digest better, reduce bloat, and ultimately help the side effects that occur if you’re not digesting, and resting, well, I have a special guest in this episode. She’s one of my favorite essential oil gurus. Of the most common complaints among women in our Flipping 50 community and women I’ve worked with over more

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A Discussion About Vaccines | Special Guest

Now, 12 months from the start of this pandemic, vaccines are rolling out. Whether you’re eligible in your state or not you may still be wondering if it’s the right thing to do, or what to expect. This episode is nothing but a discussion. It’s firsthand recount of participation in a study from an expert

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Estrogen Dominance: What Is It | What Should You Know?

Estrogen dominance is such an important health concern for women today. It’s not only the signs and symptoms that interrupt the quality of your daily life now. They hi-jack your best intentions for exercise. Further, your future health is also a concern. You’ll hear more in this episode. This episode is brought to you by

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From Osteoporosis Diagnosis to Bone Density Success Story

If you fear a osteoporosis diagnosis or you’ve had one, you’ll want to listen to this podcast and use the resources I’ve listed in the show notes. They range from a link to the supplement, a short 4 session program, a master class and another podcast episode. Choose to listen today and you’ll be inspired

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Can Genetics Optimize Your Exercise? Is Your HIIT Rated PG?

Could knowing your DNA or genetics optimize your exercise programming? I’m a fan of course. DNA testing results can be an eye-opener about exercise, as well as optimal eating, sleep, and even supplementation considerations. What are you predisposed for? Beyond that is the subtitle today, why some people get fatter with more exercise, that got

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Calorie Restriction Isn’t Necessary to Start Intermittent Fasting

Feel like calorie restriction that cuts you down to 500 calories a day is too extreme for you? Or that it would throw you back into that 80s diet mentality you had? There’s a lot of confusion about intermittent fasting and I’ve fielded more than a few questions since my intermittent fasting & exercise master

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Health & Hormone Support for Anti-aging | Women Over 50

Whether you’re an anti-aging or, like me, a pro-aging advocate you’re going to love this episode. My Guest: An honors English graduate from Tufts University, Dr. Stephen Petteruti continued on to medical school to become a Family Practice Physician. In 2014, with a holistic, patient-centered approach, Dr. Petteruti launched Intellectual Medicine 120—offering concierge medical services, functional medicine, facial anti-aging treatments,

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Cravings in Menopause | Fitness in Menopause | Starting Fasting

Got cravings in menopause? What could that mean for you? I’m answering questions from our Flipping 50 Insiders group. Here are the questions I responded to in this episode: I did a Gene-o type[DNA] with you a few years ago, I need to take omegas, what do you recommend and can flax oil be a

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