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Bone Density

Think You’re Too Old? Ageism Dismantled with Ashton Applewhite

Welcome to this episode, and this movement of ageism dismantled. How does it show up? Are you more ageist than you think? A recent solo podcast I did on this topic got a lot of attention. In our own Flipping 50 membership I regularly spot women being ageist in reference to themselves. This episode is about helping

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How Does STRENGTH TRAINING Increase Your Metabolism?

Want to increase your metabolism? Or at least ensure it doesn’t slow? Strength training increases the size and the density of your lean muscle mass. Muscle mass requires more energy than fat, so your energy expenditure or caloric burn goes up for every activity – even sleep. Exercising of course burns more calories while you’re

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A Fitness Industry Leader’s Midlife Fitness Changes: Now and Then

What midlife fitness changes do the pros make? Today I’m talking to a fitness industry leader about how she’s embraced each decade, while running a business, in fact doing a lot of pivoting as we all have. When you’re an influencer and leader of many, in the spotlight in many ways, busy and then some,

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It Takes MORE Than Hormones To Fix Your Hormones

If you’ve been a long-time listener, and you’ve heard episodes discussing hormones, and hormone therapy options to fix your hormones stay put because you haven’t heard this. No one has talked about this on Flipping 50 before. In all the episodes I’ve discussed and similar discussions about micronutrients I’ve had with clients, it’s never come

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The Most Unsuspecting Motivation Source | C60 30-Day Follow Up

Looking for a motivation source? Many listeners ask me, how do you stay motivated to exercise? Meaning, not me,  but for them. If you’re asking the same, today’s podcasts offers an unlikely motivation source. It’s certainly not my usual answer. I’d offer something like choosing an activity you love, starting with just 5 or 10 minutes, and

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Why Eating Disorder Recovery Fails | Women Over 50

Eating disorder recovery may not be top-of-mind. But you’d be surprised at the percent of midlife women triggered into eating disruption again or for the first time. In this episode we discuss so much more than recovery and truly define what is eating disorder, what is disordered vs emotional eating. For every woman nurturing herself

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How to Redefine Aging | Mindset Shifts with Natalie Jill

When you redefine aging for yourself, you may have to swim upstream. There will be resistance: your own as well as others. Having always had certain examples of aging, and a few examples unique to it, to redefine aging you’ll first have to imagine it.What do you see? If you’re in a certain relationship or

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