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Why You Sabotage Your Weight Loss (and How to Fix It) #499

Episode #499 Why would you sabotage your weight loss? Yet we do! This episode will show you insights from an expert in weight loss who has experienced many of the trials of weight gain and loss. Consider how what you’ve tried, how it started and how it ended. If you can treat it all as data

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The Mistake with “Moderate” Exercise | Women Over 50

Episode #498 Moderate amounts of HIGH and of low intensity exercise vs “moderate” middle-of-the-intensity pyramid. zone 1 = your daily activities of life. You walk the dog. You go up and down stairs. You garden. You golf. You have an active job. Zone 2 = endurance, steady state exercise at a low all-day pace You go

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Click here to listen to the podcast Episode #497 Are you eating too little to lose weight? How would you know? Eating consistently less than your body wants will slow your metabolism. You will lose your metabolic flexibility. There is no way you can eat less and less, continue to exercise the same or more and

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10 Most-Asked Questions About Flipping50 Membership 496

Episode #496 The Flipping50 membership is a labor of love in response to frustrations I heard for years with my own private clients and the hundreds of women in midlife training with staff members, then later the thousands of women I know weren’t wrong when they said, “I’m not settling” and “I’m not going to listen

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Do Menopause Fitness Rules Apply to Post Menopause Fitness, too? 495

Episode #495 This Flipping 50 Insider question comes from Joy who asks about any difference between post menopause fitness and menopause fitness recommendations. She wrote: I’ve been following Flipping 50 for some time and enjoy it! One question, do the same rules apply to post menopause (66) as to menopause? Thanks! -Joy The easy, short answer,

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Proof It’s Never Too Late (and How to Do It) | Women Over 50 494

Episode #494 Wonder why? Why now? Wonder how? What if I told you it’s never too late and here’s proof! That’s what’s ahead in this episode! 10 Years of increased physical activity (exercise) AFTER MIDLIFE can reduce mortality rate by 32% Publication: British Medical Journal Subjects: 2205 50 yr-olds in 1970-73 What: Re-examined at age 60,

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Lowering Cortisol Levels to Improve Menopause Weight Loss

Episode #493 Susan from our Flipping50 Insiders group on Facebook asks a question about lowering cortisol levels and I respond in this episode. Who You Ask for Advice Matters Be sure when asking in a group where you don’t know the experience, expertise of the responders (and they don’t know if they have enough information to

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It’s Not Just About How Much Protein | Menopause Fitness

Episode #492 It’s not just about how much protein. It’s about what kind, when, and what phase of life or training you’re in that could increase your protein need. In this episode, amount of protein and when you need it as a woman in menopause. It’s still not clear for many so I’m going to attempt

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Caffeine, Hot Flashes, and Fat Burning During Menopause

Episode #491 Fat burning during exercise sounds great right? Unless you’re burning in menopause hell to get it. This episode unpacks the science of pros and cons of caffeine before, during and after menopause and before your workout. If it’s that time of year when temps are dropping, the mornings are cool and a fire sounds

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