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Midlife weight loss is a moving target and you know you want answers.

Weight Loss

You know it’s about muscle and you want the tips: how, what, and why


Between energy and fatigue, you’re the latter, and you want answers.


Science-based muscle and protein facts. How much, when, and how often?


Avoid osteoperosis, or deal with it once you know you have it.

Bone Density

Midlife and Swinging For the Fence

Are you swinging for the fence, or just bunting? Midlife AND… an autoimmune diagnosis that might have made someone else fold their tent and go home. But not today’s guest. In fact, she turned it around and leveraged it instead. You may say it fuels what she does. It’s easy to think you’re on the downhill slide.You’re

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Midlife Changes with Intermittent Fasting Expert Gin Stephens

Midlife changes – beyond hormones – are the topic of this conversation. My guest is Gin Stephens. She is a change queen. Once a teacher always a teacher she says. But she left teaching as a profession and moved into intermittent fasting. Although, this episode is not about the intermittent fasting books or podcasts she hosts

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Power Plate Benefits | Prior Skeptic to a Believer

Surely by now you’ve heard of Power Plate. I discussed in a recent episode about whole body vibration and well, Power Plate basically has cornered the market on research, design, and utility. Want to know some sneaky good Power Plate benefits? Stay tuned! We’re all looking for a short cut. There are a few. In

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Build Bone After Osteoporosis

Yes, you can build bone after osteoporosis. You can reverse bone losses. So if you were diagnosed years ago you were told something different. But today, research is showing positively that three unique exercise types contribute significantly to bone health. There’s more, and I’ll share another resource at the end, but to get the recent

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Are MEN JUST as at Risk for Osteoporosis?

Are you at risk for osteoporosis? Are men more at risk than you have been led to believe?This episode with Kevin Ellis is a favorite of mine, very possibly because Kevin is a favorite of mine. You’ll hear me say that and if you joined us for the What, When & Why to Exercise for

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Functional Feet for Your Second Half with a Strong Foundation

Before you ask what kind of shoes I like or our guest does, listen to this for a deeper understanding of healthy feet. Posture a problem? How are your feet? Functional feet are the topic of the day. Barefoot specialist expert Dr Emily Splichal is more than a podiatrist. She’s a functional podiatrist. And… she’s a

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Your Brain Better | A No Negative Side-Effects Method

He had me at no negative side-effects. Tune into this episode to learn, right along with me how to make your brain better with a no side effects method. More people are using alternative medicine. This discussion of bioelectric medicine opens the door to yet another type of optimizing body tissues and function. This isn’t

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That Gut Feeling is Real How Gut Impacts Mood

Got that loving gut feeling ? Following that gut feeling may lead you places you don’t want to go right now. If you’ve never given thought to how your gut impacts mood, this is the time. No mood swings or lows to complain about? Stay with me. Because if you’re in midlife, it’s very likely

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