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Do I Need Supplements in Menopause | Muscles, Energy and Immunity

Yes, supplements in menopause will influence your ability to get and keep muscles. They’ll support your immune system. They’ll influence your overall energy levels today and the way you age. You can eat “healthy” every day of the year, but we all slip sometimes. We can’t eat 21-27,000 calories it would take a day in

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Menopause Belly Fat Weight Gain | Reader Q and A Why? And What to Do

Dealing with menopause belly fat weight gain? So is one reader who asked for a refresher on this very commonly visited question at Flipping50. And here’s what you can do about it. I am wondering if you have any insights into why postmenopausal women gain weight in the stomach or lower stomach. I understand cortisol

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What About Flipping 60 or 70? | Answering a Listener Q

What about flipping 60? That’s such a frequently asked question. The question comes up so often that I’m dedicating this short podcast to answer. And it begs two responses. First your body, specifically your muscle and your bone. Second, your mindset. I’ve worked with many women over 37 years. Privately, in group situations, on campuses,

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10 Fitness Lessons from 2020 | Menopause & Exercise

Tucked into all the life lessons of 2020, the fitness lessons from 2020 were pretty clear. Exercise done right boosts immunity. The first of fitness lessons from 2020 was the fact that it is moderate amounts of high and low intensity exercise, not moderate exercise that benefits your immune system most. Exercise supports depression, anxiety,

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Understanding the Role of Cortisol and Exercise in Menopause

What is the relationship between cortisol and exercise in menopause? Is cortisol sabotaging your exercise results? Understanding the Role of Cortisol and Exercise in Menopause I’m a science girl, a prove-it-to-me girl. I’m also a follow your gut and heart girl. The science spiritual. Quite the diverse continuum. I believe we all have the ability

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What Happens If Women in Menopause Strength Train More Often?

Should you strength train more often? That is the question. It is not the strength training session. It is the result of proper strength training that increases lean muscle, decreases fat, and therefore improves body composition. A question from Cary in our community, “If strength training does more to improve fat loss shouldn’t we strength

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Are You Strong Enough? If the Unthinkable Happens

Are you strong enough? Physically? Resilient to stress? Would you be able to survive and thrive again if any number of tragic things happened? We’ve all weathered some changes in 2020 and been influenced on different levels by stress because of it. What if it was a diagnosis, or an unforeseen accident? One minute you’re

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7 Keys to Navigate ANY Crisis and find Happiness!

Find happiness in the midst of a crisis? This episode is your head start. MY GUEST Dr. Elia Gourgouris is the Founder of The Happiness Center, an organization of world leading experts in the field of Positive Psychology. Together, they have helped thousands of individuals, both personally and professionally to achieve happiness, success, and wellness.

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Can You Reverse Thyroid Disease? | Expert Guest

What if there was a simple reason your thyroid wasn’t functioning well and by making a few changes in skincare products and swapping some foods you eat for others you could regain thyroid function? What if there was a book outlining just how to do that? What if the author of that book were here

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