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Getting Better Sleep Now and Beat Insomnia | Live Coaching

Muscles, mood, and metabolism depend on sleep.If you’re skimping on sleep, or finding it impossible to sleep when you want to… I’ve got you covered!Grab Sleep Yourself Skinny! for FREE now…Are you craving better sleep now?Have you had some sleepless nights recently? Are you waking up with a headache or fog?My Guest and “Coaching Client”My

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Should I Mix Intervals and Weight Training in the Same Workout?

Should I mix intervals and weight training together in the same workout? I go to classes that alternate them. This question really piggybacks on a question I answered recently (I’ll link to it) about full body and split routine or body part strength training. The best “after-burn” for exercise occurs after strength training. It’s even

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The Power of a Journal in Your Mid-Life Journey

Do you journal? Do you write down your thoughts and dreams? This podcast is about two women who are spending their mid-life spreading the word about journaling. Imagine three women in a room passionate about a topic… and you may imagine it could be difficult to get a word in or make a point …

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Why Wait an Hour to Eat After Exercise? Reader Q and A

Why wait an hour after exercise to eat? I answer this reader question in this episode. Got a question? Add it to the show notes at After the age of 50 most adults experience a reduced muscle protein synthesis. That is, the ability to use the protein you eat to benefit your muscle. Why Wait?

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Best Essential Oils for Women, Stress, Sleep, and Hormones

What are the best essential oils for women? There’s a lot going on right now in the world. In your personal world there may already have been a lot going on. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, sleep, hormones or you’d check “all of the above” this episode and guest will help you choose. She’s sharing all

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How Do I Exercise for My Body Type? Reader Q and A

How Do I Exercise for My Body Type? Could exercise for my body type be the missing link to more success? I answer this question today in this super short episode. Got a question? Leave it below the show notes at or leave a rating and comment in iTunes and I’ll save your question

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What Is Moderate Exercise? Is It Really What You Need Now?

The term moderate exercise is used frequently right now. Do you really know what it means? (Does anyone?) Without a definition it’s up to anyone’s personal interpretation. When you’re a woman in the middle of life in the middle of COVID19, should middle of the road exercise be your choice? The problem with accepting “moderate

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Exercise, Stress & Immunity During Midlife in COVID19

First, I want to start with why “moderate exercise” inspired this podcast about exercise, stress & immunity. You’ve been told “everything in moderation” for a very long time. It may not be the ideal solution to our immune or to our hormone balancing goals. Let me give you a description of zone training. [I describe

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Why Wait an Hour to Exercise in the Morning? Reader Q and A

Why wait an hour to exercise in the morning? It makes it harder to fit it in before work. I get it. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m here to give you the facts and let you make an informed decision. Plump Disks Increase Exercise in the Morning Risk The disks in your back – are

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