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5 Myths About Strength Training: 5 Reasons Now is the Time

Warning! If you believe any of these myths about strength training, my goal is to turn your thoughts before you’re finished listening. If you’re here, happening to read the show notes, and you’re not strength training, I made this with you in mind. But, there are three other women that I want to reach. Are you

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The Cardio for Fat Loss Myth and Other Menopause Fairytales

If you’re looking at exercise choices thinking you want cardio for fat loss, let’s break that down. In this episode I’ll share: The myth came from … More calories burned during cardio than weight training The calories in calories out myth Why the myth still exists Doctors still give the advice Trainers still give this

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Why PLEASURE is the best nutrient of all!

The best nutrient is pleasure? According to my guest on this episode, it’s so. Once you understand the reason why, I think you’ll be hooked. During nutrition month it was a given that I host a dietitian. I found the perfectly unique expert. I absolutely loved this discussion with my guest. I think you’ll discover

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What is CoQ10 and Other Supplements for Immunity and More

What is CoQ10, what’s its function, and what other supplements could still be helpful in boosting immunity (or natural detox) now? That’s the topic of this episode with my friend and detox expert, Bridgit Danner. Inspired by a post she did in February, heart health month, I reached out to her. It dawned on me

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When & How Much Post Exercise Protein Post Menopause (or Pre!)

Post exercise protein is a topic that I revisit regularly. It’s nutrition month as I release this episode, and we’re talking strength training a lot this month because STRONGER is open for enrollment. In this episode I’m talking all about the ways to optimize your pre-and post exercise protein meal. I’ll also reveal a few

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How to Digest Better | Beyond Food | Rest and Digest

To digest better, reduce bloat, and ultimately help the side effects that occur if you’re not digesting, and resting, well, I have a special guest in this episode. She’s one of my favorite essential oil gurus. Of the most common complaints among women in our Flipping 50 community and women I’ve worked with over more

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A Discussion About Vaccines | Special Guest

Now, 12 months from the start of this pandemic, vaccines are rolling out. Whether you’re eligible in your state or not you may still be wondering if it’s the right thing to do, or what to expect. This episode is nothing but a discussion. It’s firsthand recount of participation in a study from an expert

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Estrogen Dominance: What Is It | What Should You Know?

Estrogen dominance is such an important health concern for women today. It’s not only the signs and symptoms that interrupt the quality of your daily life now. They hi-jack your best intentions for exercise. Further, your future health is also a concern. You’ll hear more in this episode. This episode is brought to you by

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