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A Conversation with the Thyroid Fixer | #517

Episode #517 Wish you had a thyroid fixer who could sweep in and shed insight on why you don’t feel good even though you continue to test normal? Or why are you exercising, eating right, and still not losing weight? Want to know the real reason why your doctor won’t order the tests you ask for?

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Importance of Strength Training for the Midlife Woman | #516

Episode #516 How does strength training for midlife woman compare to cardio for midlife women? In this episode I interview Jen Shaver, one of our recent Flipping 50 Specialists about her personal journey to finding the value of strength training for the midlife woman. My Guest:Jennifer Shaver is a former endurance athlete who spent years doing countless

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Fat Loss in Menopause: It’s Not What You Think #515

Episode #515 If you spend half a minute on social media, you could be led to believe fat gain in menopause is normal and fat loss in menopause is hard and requires extremes. If you want to invest a few minutes here, I’m going to do the best I can to convince you otherwise. 00:00You might

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How to Beat Cravings and Yo-Yo Dieting | #513

Episode #512 How to Beat Cravings, Emotional Eating & Yo-Yo Dieting without Willpower or Motivation!   My guest today experienced food and weight struggles from many angles. She developed binge eating & exercise bulimia as a high school & college student. After ending that at 22, Debbie had no issues until hitting 40. Then, not only

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5 Lifestyle Tweaks That Support a Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

5 Lifestyle Tweaks That Support a Journey Towards Better Wellbeing It’s January as I record this but wait wait wait if you’re listening later, you just found Flipping50 and your binge-listening (I know you!) because there is never a time of year when we aren’t all conscious of the desire for better wellbeing, health and

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Triathlon Training for fun, Fitness, and Fundraising | #511

Episode #511 Triathlon training isn’t really the topic of this episode. It’s a means to an end. The story doesn’t start with triathlon training nor does it end there. The training is however, a big part of the story and of a legacy. This is a special episode with one of our Flipping 50 community members,

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5 Health Benefits of Meditation, Gratitude and Visualization | #510

Episode #510 Want to reap the benefits of meditation? Not sure where to start? I know what you mean! I’ve recently started meditation and I’m loving it. I’ve taught progressive relaxation and guided imagery for years. I’ve shared with you the placebo effect and value of it in literally changing your life. Here in this episode,

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10 Ways Flipping50 Protein Supports Your Protein Intake | #509

Episode #509 Increase your protein intake easily with little boost throughout your day. Whether you’re busy, have a smaller appetite, tend to skip meals or are trying to lose weight, protein is a girl’s best friend. Nothing compares to whole foods, but when you need some variety, some easy to bring along, or to boost a

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