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STOP the Menopause Madness! The #1 Question You Want to Ask

Stop the menopause madness! Stop the over exercise to exhaustion, the injury-causing, metabolism-killing cardio … and the increased frequency you’re doing that further throws your hormones under the bus. It’s so very clear at menopause that you’re not a calories in calories out equation. That in fact that blindly doing “more” … more often, more

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Sit-Ups are Stupid, Crunches are Crap, What Works?

Sit-ups and crunches are not a girl’s (or guy’s best friend). So, what does work? And why are sit-ups and crunches so bad but still so prevalent in fitness classes?Well, first, keep in mind a vast majority of fitness instructors have minimal training before they’re able to lead a group in fitness. In fact, all

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Protein Need in Older Adults | How Much and When

We’re diving into your protein need on today’s episode. My guest is a well-known researcher from the UTMB.  My Guest: Dr. Paddon-Jones is the Sheridan Lorenz Distinguished Professor in Aging and Health in the Department of Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Texas Medical Branch. He is a Fellow of the American College of

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How Do You Stack Up Against Fitness Statistics Right Now?

Fitness statistics right now are a little grim for gyms. How does your activity stack up compared to others though? This episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Ronto from My guest: Paul loves adventure. Over the past 20 years, he has climbed, hiked, and ran all over the world. He’s summited peaks

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Trust Again for Your Best Weight, Work, Love and Life

Trouble finding your best weight? What if it’s not the cookies, the calories, or the exercise you’re not doing. What if it’s something under all of it that keeps you from having relationships that support you so you can take next steps? My guest is here to share with you why a skill you may

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Has Life Coaching Got Answers to Questions You’re Not Asking?

Has life coaching crossed your mind? What’s next? I’m not where I want to be, but I don’t know where that is. Deborah Voll is a certified professional life coach for women in midlife who are seeking their life purpose and passion! From her own experience, Deborah believes that once women calm the chaos in their

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Why a Calorie Deficit is Not the Answer | Women Over 50

A calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight.  Well, actually no. Hormones not calories determine whether your body stores or burns fat. It’s what the calories … you eat… and you burn (exercise) … do to your hormones. Visionaries Do Not Apologize. Create more lean muscle tissue. Eat more quality food. Research tells

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I NEVER CHEAT and I Can’t Lose Weight | Q and A

Do you “never cheat” and still can’t make progress? Then stay tuned. This Q and A episode is for you. Please help!!!! I am so frustrated! I am 59 years old, several years post-menopausal. I had been sedentary for several years and ended up gaining weight. I had always been average weight…not real thin, and

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