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TOTAL Body or SPLIT ROUTINE Strength Training in Menopause | #453

Episode #453 00:00 What’s best, total body or split routine strength training in menopause?Whether you’ve lifted weights for years, or you’ve just come across a Sculpted Vegan workout, or you’re doing something labeled for women in menopause on YouTube, you may or may not know to question the routine you’re following. If you’re just doing what

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How Do You Measure Fitness Success in Menopause?

Episode #452 How do you measure fitness success in menopause? Is it weight? Is it inches? Are you digging deeper for the results that lead to long term success? Or chasing the digital number you crave? Do you look for short term measures of fitness success that tell you you’re on the right track? Or do

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Intermittent Fasting for Active Menopausal Women | Yes or No?

For active menopausal women, wondering, if intermittent fasting is right, this is for you. Because, let’s face it, we’re not immune to weight gain or belly fat. And your exercise needs may have changed while your habits have not. I’m not going into optimal exercise & protein habits a great deal today (though I am

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I Lost that Muscle Tone, Can I Get It Back? | Exercise in Menopause

Have you too lost that muscle tone and want it back? This episode is an answer in response to a listener question. It’s one I’m sure will resonate with many listeners, maybe you. Muscle tone, cellulite, and menopause often come up in the same conversation. The question My arms, biceps and triceps, that used to

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How Much Exercise is Enough Exercise in Menopause?

Are you getting enough exercise in menopause? Are you wondering that too? I’ve been following your advice focusing on strength 2x a week, typically Wednesday & Saturday for ample recovery time. My question is this. If I typically do 30 min lifting routines, focusing on whole body strength w/ 8-20 pound weights, is 30 min

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Acne in Menopause? How to Deal with a Skin Expert

Acne in menopause is no joke. Wrinkles, pimples, dryness and breakouts, oh my. Here’s what to do from a skin expert with the best of nature and medicine. Have you tried all the supplements, creams, and teenage skin products out there without results? Find yourself with worse breakouts than you had as a teenager? Want

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Weight Training in Menopause | Sneak Peek book Intro

I need a favor. I’m writing a book for women in menopause who are not yet strength training or know what they’re doing isn’t working and want to identify a better way. Weight training for women in menopause What I’d love from you is the question you either have now or wish you’d known to

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Insulin: Insulin Resistance in Midlife Belly Fat Weight Gain

In this episode about insulin resistance in midlife belly fat weight gain I’m going to address the #1 complaint of women in menopause: belly fat. (followed closely by fatigue) Things I’ll cover: Insulin’s role in metabolism and at menopause Insulin’s integrated relationship with other hormones How insulin relates to menopause belly fat Lifestyle factors that

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