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What Causes a Bloated Belly and What Can You Do About It?

Do you have a flat stomach when you wake up in the morning? And it’s gone by noon? Constantly searching for core exercises to reduce the look of your belly?You know I tell you that core exercise won’t fix it if it’s not a weak abdominal muscle problem Do you want the good news?  I

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How Do I Strength Train with Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis?

Terry asks, is weight training appropriate for those who have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis?  My answer is yes! It should be mandatory! The challenging part is osteoporosis and osteoarthritis have two different protocols. The choice has to be made to avoid pain or injury so the advantages outweigh the risks. Osteoporosis vs Osteoarthritis Strength With osteoporosis

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How do you overcome significant muscle loss? | Women Over 50

Significant muscle loss is a life threatening condition. The term sarcopenia is given to it. Yet, we don’t hear nearly as much about it as we do osteoporosis, or other diseases. The Beginning Muscle loss however is directly tied to bone loss, frailty, risk of falling and fractures. Bedrest, or simply a time of less

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Brain Health Over 50 | Stress, Sleep, and Mood During the Pandemic

What could you do with better brain health AND…Double the Energy?Learn how to stress less, but double your energy, all in just 14 days…How well are you sleeping since the pandemic? What changes have there been in your life? Do you know how those might be affecting your health- specifically brain health long term? And

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Women in Menopause | Is Your Sleep Making You Tired?

For women in menopause, sleep is no joke. We’ve all experienced prom night, pulling an all-nighter in college, or up with a colicky baby. But then you sleep in, the exams are over, and the baby grows up. And you were not in your 50s. That was your whole life. For women in menopause you’ve

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Is Bodyweight Exercise Enough? Exercise Over 50

Are you doing bodyweight exercise because no one has dumbbells? Or you prefer them? Do you wonder if they’re enough? So did the Flipping 50 Insider who wrote today’s question. At 73 years old is it too late to take bioidentical hormones and what do you think about bodyweight exercise? Bio-Identical Hormones at Your Age?

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Got Clutter? Want Less Clutter and More Energy and Focus?

How does less clutter sound? Take a glance at your counter, desk, and closet right now. If you would love someone to come in and organize those piles or make it possible to walk into your closet and actually find an outfit out of all those beautiful clothes… you’re in luck. My Guest I have

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