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21 Reasons Weight Training Should Be Mandatory Exercise After 50 #462

Episode #462 Weight training should be mandatory exercise after 50. That’s a strong statement if you still think it’s optional. A few questions for you if you have any interest in aging optimally, enjoying it. Do you strength training twice a week to muscular fatigue? Are you able to lift heavy, using weights that cause

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What’s at the Core of Your Menopause Belly Woes? #461

Episode #461 Is your waist band tight by afternoon compared to when you put pants on it the morning? Do you have some handles around the waist and back you never had before? Do you frequently feel fatigue in the lower back at the end of the day? If you answered yes to one of those

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How to Win at Aging for Women Over 50 #460

Episode #460 It’s time to win at aging and I have the perfect guest to share a zest for doing it. If you’ve found your why, then my guest in this episode will have you smiling and nodding. If you’re looking for your own mojo, ask some questions. When was the last time you were excited

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False Truths You Believe About Your Fitness Instructor #459

Episode #459 Your fitness instructor may be holding out on you. Let’s be real, that class you’re attending to get the body like the fitness instructor teaching the class, isn’t the way she got it. As a consultant and business coach to fitness & health coaches, I know this to be true.   First, because for

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Is It Adrenal Dysfunction? How to Know, and What to Do | #456

Episode #456 Is your tired-all-the time really adrenal fatigue? What does that mean if so and what do you do about it? This episode is all about it and then some. My Guest: Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN, NP, is passionate about transforming the way women experience healthcare through an integrative approach. She co-founded the world-renowned Women to

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How to Time Protein for Optimal Muscle & Recovery | Women Over 50

Episode #455 If I tell you that you need to time protein for optimal muscle & recovery, there begs your understanding of: Why protein timing is important for you now more than ever? How much protein are we talking about? What kind of protein counts and what doesn’t? Before We Start – Be Forewarned So that’s

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When Your Menopause Calorie Deficit Backfires | #454 Copy

Episode #454 Your menopause calorie deficit backfires when you have inadequate energy reserves to fuel your daily activities and your exercise. Are you someone who does more exercise if what you’re doing isn’t working? Are you someone who starts exercising more without increasing your food intake? Could you be underestimating your caloric needs? In a world

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