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Gifts Mom Wants for Mother’s Day (but won’t buy herself)

This post is full of gifts mom wants for Mother’s Day, but doesn’t even know she does! Did you know 40% of moms fake reactions to gifts they don’t like? Makes me wonder about all those poems I wrote when I was younger. She never used, “Interesting.” That’s code for, not my taste, but whatever

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Are These 3 Midlife Exercise Myths Sabotaging Your Fitness?

Midlife exercise myths run have a width continuum. Here’s the biggest, not even suggested in this post: these myths are truer the older you are. If you’re in your 50s those habits decrease exercise benefits. If you’re in your 60’s they’re derailing you. But in your 70s, they’re a downright train wreck.But back to those

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High Intensity High Impact Exercise During Menopause? Results are In

High impact exercise during menopause? Are you thinking that might get you hurt? With the wrong start and progression, it might. If you’re extremely fragile, or have co-existing conditions, it’s also not advised. But for other women transitioning through menopause, you need to look closely at what you’re doing, and what you believe. Two Groups:

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11 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight in Menopause with Exercise

What are the reasons you’re not losing weight in menopause with exercise even when you’re trying? It varies from woman to woman, but there are common denominators for midlife women. Explore these if you can’t get that needle to move. And I’ll share another podcast you might love too. Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist This episode

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The Number One Hormone to Watch Out for At 40+ (Hint: It’s Not Estrogen)

The number one hormone to watch out for … it’s not what you think. My Guest: Dr. Mariza Snyder is a functional practitioner, women’s hormone expert and the author of eight books: Her newest book, The Essential Oils Menopause Solution, focuses on solutions for women in perimenopause and menopause and her #1 National Bestselling book,

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Menopause + Weight Gain During the Pandemic | New Research

The average weight gain during the pandemic was 1.5 lbs. a month according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. As of May 2021, that’s 20 lbs. The results were gathered by monitoring Smart Scales using Bluetooth technology with the permission of scale owners. Subjects were Smart Scale owners mean

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How Many Repetitions to Fatigue Should You Do? | Women Over 50

Wonder how many repetitions to fatigue you should do? You’re not alone. This Flipping 50 community question comes from Shelly and our Insiders Facebook group. (link below) The Question: “20 for a set or a full minute, am I using too heavy of weights if I fatigue at 6 or 7? Maybe better question is

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How to Have Thriving Relationships Starting with Your Body, Yourself

Thriving relationships with anyone else start with the one you have with yourself. Your physical body and the nurturing you give it and your mind are propelling you forward or holding you back. My guest Sandy Sembler is an internationally recognized embodiment & feminine coach and creator of the SakredShe program, empowering women to “break

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