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When Healthy Foods Cause Fat and Weight Gain

Could your healthy foods cause fat gains or prevent fat loss? Are you possibly experiencing gas, bloating, and diarrhea because of what you’ve known as healthy foods? It turns out yes. There are 4 main categories of foods that are the potential cause of health issues for you. In this episode, we discuss healthy foods

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Healthy Food: Replacing Confusion with Freedom of (Good) Choice

Could you even define healthy food today? Not many could easily. Given the unique individuality of the gut biome making a healthy food for one, poison for another. On every “healthy food” diet today there is a way to do it “dirty.”Keto, vegan, vegetarianism… done using packaged and processed foods without reading the label full

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Your Menopause Workout vs Your 30-something Workout

Your menopause workout is different. But how? Should it be less? Should it be more? Should it be lighter? Should it be more intense? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. It depends. I’m going to lean into these words on this episode. And shamelessly I’m going to share some of the recent research that can’t help

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Questions About Gaining Muscle and Strength for Women Over 50

Recently I shared a study about the loss of muscle (sarcopenia) during menopause and since, questions about gaining muscle and strength over 50 have been pouring in. In this Q and A episode I’m answering them. They’re split, about half are about exercise and the other half are about the protein that you seem to

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Midlife Anxiety Mid-pandemic : Survival Skills for You and Your Loved Ones

Midlife anxiety is a real thing. During the pandemic, it’s more likely that more of us have experienced it. Whether for you midlife anxiety is new, it’s something you’ve always dealt with or it’s not you but someone you love, this episode has something for you.We’ve all been through the pandemic, essentially, together apart. So

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Menopause and Immunity: Women’s Health for Today

What do menopause and immunity have in common? This episode examines menopause and immunity to help you optimize your response in these times. Hormones and immunity are so closely linked. Since April 2020 I’ve been sharing with you that if you’re focused on one, you win with the other two. “Moderation is an emotional excuse

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Perfection Detox for the Mindset of Midlife Success

Episode #527 Need a perfection detox? Or have you shed that skin already? No matter where you are, this message resonates with women over 50. Even younger women are tired of being tired in pursuit of something they know they can never have, be, or enjoy. In this interview episode, my guest shares her own journey

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Intermittent Fasting for Women | Health & Wellness | When Yes When No

This episode is all about Intermittent fasting for women in midlife. I’ve got one of the most globally recognized experts with me talking about the what’s the whys and the whens… as well as the when not to’s. If you’ve dabbled, you’ve shunned it, you’ve been tempted… chances are you still have some questions. We’ll

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