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Leptin resistance as we age: Stop the Fat, Already!

Leptin resistance can be a big part of weight loss resistance. Could it be your challenge? Listen to this episode to find out. Of the many hormones (and cascade of events) influenced by cortisol, leptin is one. It can mean you find it hard to push away from the table or find yourself looking for food

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Simple Rules for a Healthy Lifestyle After 50 (or Any Time)

Would you define yours as a healthy lifestyle? It’s one of those things that can be elusive. That is, the finish line keeps moving away from you like your own handheld out in front of you would. Before we open I invite you to come up with an answer to this… You’ve been tasked with

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Hormone Balance: Balance SIX Hormones in SEVEN Days

Hormone balance is such a buzzword. What if I told you that you could balance six hormones in seven days? My guest speaks our Flipping 50 language. She’s resolved her own hormone balance issues and now, naturally, for almost two decades, is, in turn, helping other women do the same. Stay tuned til the end of

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How to Avoid Common Exercise Injuries Midlife

From a listener in the Flipping 50 Insider’s Group: It would be great if Debra could share some information about common exercise injuries.  So here it is and I’m diving right in after this invitation. I’ve been sharing soundbites of short exercise tips on Instagram at @flipping50tv. I invite you to IG to see all

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Why Some Women Struggle with Weight, Hormones at Menopause

Are your hormones at menopause causing a roller coaster? Is it your skinny jeans or your genetic genes? What is missing when we’re trying to eat well, and truly understanding what that is, exercise, and truly discovering what that is for you now but making only minor changes?   If it feels like you’re in a

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Help, I’ve Hit a Weight Loss Plateau, What Do I Do?

Before we launch into this episode, I want to set this up for you: it’s not about weight. It IS about your health. It’s about your life and you living it. There are a lot of unhappy skinny people. There have been a lot of fat people who’ve lost weight that fear regaining and still

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How to Love Your Midlife Body More | Stop Self-Sabotage

Love your midlife body? It’s not like a pair of broken-in shoes, is it? We tend to find flaws more often than appreciation if we’re not consciously working on a positive attitude. If you struggle with exercise, weight or habits that support an optimal weight, then this may be for you. We’re talking about a

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After a Betrayal: Can You Heal, Forgive and Forget?

What happens after a betrayal? And what qualifies as a betrayal? Is it when your sister breaks a promise or your parents fail to accept your partner? Is it when a friend fails to be there for you during a time of need? Is it when someone keeps the truth from you for years yet

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How Emotional Eating Can Be the Hidden Reason for Weight Gain

Your underlying reason for weight gain may not be a lack of motivation or discipline. It may not be that you don’t have willpower. It may not be that you’re not exercising enough.While there can be many reasons beyond what you eat that cause weight gain, few of us take a good look at why

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