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Weight Loss

You know it’s about muscle and you want the tips: how, what, and why


Between energy and fatigue, you’re the latter, and you want answers.


Science-based muscle and protein facts. How much, when, and how often?


Avoid osteoperosis, or deal with it once you know you have it.

Bone Density

Your Best 2023 | A Free Workshop for Women

Your best 2023 will be no accident while it might include surprises and serendipitous wonder. On this day, in this month millions set goals, resolutions, and I don’t. I’ve believed and witnessed that SMART goals are dumb since 1984. The older adults get the less they set them because the more they know they don’t work.SMART goals

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Top 10 Podcasts 2022 | Flipping 50 Podcast

In this top 10 podcasts 2022 edition I will countdown Letterman-style (he’s from Iowa, of course)! Show notes will have the links to each so you can listen easily. Find those at /top-10-podcasts-2022 Starting with number 10 and working our way up, here are your Top 10 podcasts 2022 for the Flipping 50 show. #10

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When Your Workouts Aren’t Working | Women Over 50

When your workouts aren’t working, and you’re doing them, it’s so frustrating. There’s the question of, is it you? Are you not working hard enough? I’ll share with you that in 40 years, when clients have hit plateaus, those clients who are doing the work, it’s most often not for lack of effort. So, let’s stop

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3 Steps to Gain Lean Muscle in Menopause

Is it too late to gain lean muscle in menopause? No. Is it harder to gain lean muscle in menopause? Than it was when you were at your peak muscle in your 20s, yes. Shouldn’t I focus on fat loss first? No.  To gain lean muscle … so you look better, feel better, and do

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Exercise for Bone Density Then and Now

What is the optimal exercise for bone density benefit? A question you may be asking. A question I recommend you ask as you think about your own urgency, current status, past exercise history, and risk of fracture. Heavy Strength: 10 or Fewer Repetitions Yet not all women over 40 can. Limited by co-existing conditions, occurrence of new,

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What is Medical Gaslighting and What Do You Do About It?

Could it be medical gaslighting? Do you feel ignored, overlooked, or unheard related to a medical issue? How would you define gaslighting? My guest today discusses the trending term. And unbeknownst to her or I prior to the interview we ended up in a discussion inclusive of menopause, the Boomer generation, new choices, and even

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5 Keys for Building Muscle After Menopause | More Fat Burning & Fat Loss

Building muscle after menopause is not only possible, but also necessary! Unless you’ve been a bodybuilder, or avid weightlifter and eating a high protein diet, and dialed both those up during perimenopause, chances are you have lost muscle tissue since your 30s. That means a loss of fat burning potential and a slower metabolism. The most

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Age Your Way | Women Over 60 Become Calendar Girls

I say calendar girls and you think…? Unless you’ve watched documentaries recently, it’s not likely what you’re thinking.  Synopsis:  The love of dance and glitter bonds an unlikely group of 60-plus women in Southwest Florida – the Calendar Girls. But under the veil of fake lashes and unicorn horns lurks the deeper truths of what

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Menopause Hormones Fascia Health | Sue Hitzmann’s Melt Method

Have you heard of Sue Hitzmann’s MELT Method? Today is your day. If movement doesn’t feel good, if you’ve foam rolled yourself to the painful tune of oohs and ahs but don’t feel better, then this episode will make it make sense to you. My Guest: Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT, is an internationally recognized

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