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Women in Menopause | Is Your Sleep Making You Tired?

For women in menopause, sleep is no joke. We’ve all experienced prom night, pulling an all-nighter in college, or up with a colicky baby. But then you sleep in, the exams are over, and the baby grows up. And you were not in your 50s. That was your whole life. For women in menopause you’ve

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Is Bodyweight Exercise Enough? Exercise Over 50

Are you doing bodyweight exercise because no one has dumbbells? Or you prefer them? Do you wonder if they’re enough? So did the Flipping 50 Insider who wrote today’s question. At 73 years old is it too late to take bioidentical hormones and what do you think about bodyweight exercise? Bio-Identical Hormones at Your Age?

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Got Clutter? Want Less Clutter and More Energy and Focus?

How does less clutter sound? Take a glance at your counter, desk, and closet right now. If you would love someone to come in and organize those piles or make it possible to walk into your closet and actually find an outfit out of all those beautiful clothes… you’re in luck. My Guest I have

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Best HIIT Workouts for Women Over 50 | Fat Burning

What are the best HIIT workouts for women over 50? Lisa B. asked this question inside our Flipping 50 Insider’s Community – I’ll link to the group in the show notes. She asked for recommendations on intervals and so this quick answer is full of a few key things you want to remember if you’re

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Why Pilates Benefits May Appeal & Seduce You After 50

What Pilates benefits do you love most? New to Pilates? Or a veteran? You’ll enjoy this episode with a lawyer turned Pilates instructor turned podcaster. It’s not the typical career path but you’ll appreciate the journey. Especially if you’re at a crossroads in your own career or life. Tune in for this one. My Guest

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Losing the 80’s Eat Less Exercise More Myth | Women Over 50

Still holding onto “eat less, exercise more?” “I think, as a product of the 80’s fitness and diet teaching, we still need lots of debunking of what we learned! I still go back to “exercise more and eat less” as a mantra and I know it’s incorrect! How do I replace that thinking? What would

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Intermittent fasting and exercise & eating window | Women Over 50

Wonder about intermittent fasting and exercise ? This is for you. Today’s question about intermittent fasting from Elizabeth “I get the 16/8 thing, but can I drink coffee before my fast ends? What about matcha latte with coconut milk? I’d be fine to exercise fasted if I could do a pre-workout matcha latte. Can I/should

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Do You Need a Doctor, or a Better After 50 Exercise Routine?

Is your after 50 exercise routine working for you? A new study in the Menopause Journal confirms it. The more physical activity you do, the better you feel during menopause. An earlier study published in April confirmed the relationship. This one confirmed there’s a threshold where you’re really supported. You probably didn’t need a study

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Build on Your Strengths | Women Over 50 Live Coaching

What if you build up your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses? It’s not a new concept. Yet, limiting beliefs added to a focus on our weaknesses compound the negative feedback loop you have about them. Today’s podcast is about looking for opportunities. Right now if the moment of your life or the moment

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