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After 50 Fitness Formula for Women Book

Join me as I read from the You Still Got It, Girl! The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women. From preface, to forward and introduction I share words of Dr. Pamela Peeke, PEW scholar and my own for you to enjoy, share, and get inspired about a new direction for yourself right now.The book, and the

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How To Reset Your Hormones To Lose Weight and Boost Energy Naturally

Are You Ready to Reset Your Hormones Naturally Using Essential Oils? Gimmicky diets, dangerous supplements, juice fasts, extreme boot camps… are you done, yet?How do other women seemingly have energy, and the body, while you struggle?My guest on this episode has some natural – not crazy – solutions you can pair with your Flipping 50 foundation

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Saving Your New Year’s Goals

Do you have New Year’s Goals?New Year’s best intentions have already fallen by the wayside for 80% of people by Feb 7.Part of that is the myth that a habit takes 3 weeks and you’re home free. New Year’s goals set with high hopes and low commitment make it hard to succeed! This post makes

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Metabolism Reset with Dr. Alan Christianson

Need a Metabolism Reset?One of my all-time favorite guests on a hot topic for our Flipping 50 community is back with me on this episode. He’s talking about a topic we all care about today, metabolism and metabolism reset. And he’s got a resource I’m excited to share with you that you’re going to want

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7 Things Men Need to Do to Stay Healthy

I’ve been asked frequently about “who does this for men?” And until now I didn’t have an answer. I’m thrilled to introduce you to a guy I love and trust. I spend time with Jerry a few times a year in person and a couple times a month online at least. We “talk” nearly daily

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Are You Sick of Technology? Staying Well in a Digital World

Are you sick of tech, maybe even sick from technology? Could you be?My guest is Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste, Digital Wellbeing and Ethics Evangelist (just flipped 50 in September)Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste is a behavioral scientist, best-selling author of Digital Self Mastery series and executive producer of the Evolving Digital Self podcast. She combines 25

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Simple Meal Prep for Easy Effortless “Fast” Whole Food

Today’s episode is all about simple meal prep. We could all use a hand making the right thing the easy thing.Do you know what’s for supper?Do you have a grocery list based on exactly what recipes you’re going to make next?My guest in this episode made simple meal prep a reality on several levels. The

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Lose Weight Faster Here We Go Again New Year

Allan Misner is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and a Functional Aging Institute (FAI) Certified Functional Aging Specialist. He is the creator of the thriving 40+ Fitness Community, providing one-on-one and group fitness coaching, nutritional guidance, and personal training for clients over the age of 40.

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Flipping 50’s 10 Most Popular Podcasts of 2018

This episode is one of my favorite of the year. It’s the round up of the most 10 popular podcasts of 2018. It includes the most downloaded, commented on, and shared and I thank you, listener, for voting!On the episode I counted down David Letterman style from 10 to 1, here they appear in order

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