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Tokyo Olympics Lessons on Aging and Strength| Flipping50 #471

Episode #471 If you aren’t watching (or didn’t watch) the Toyko Olympics you still hardly escaped the highlights. We’ve witnessed history in so many ways. As a 37-year fitness pro involved significantly in contributing to trainers and health coaches’ education since 1998, my thoughts in this post are twofold: what it means to each of us

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7 Secrets to More Muscle in Menopause (if you can’t go heavy)| #470

Episode #470 Maintaining muscle in menopause, let alone gaining it (and the desired muscle tone) can get tricky if you’re unable to lift heavy weight. These 7 not-so-secret secrets will remind you that you have options. However, this isn’t just about svelte arms or those void of bat wings. It’s independence coming down the pike in

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Healthy Eyes and Vision Tips for Women in Menopause| Flipping50 #468

Episode #468 Healthy eyes and vision are something you may have taken for granted until they began to wane. If you’ve not only joined the eye-glass carrying or contact-wearing club but may also suffer from migraines or hours in front of a computer, this is for you. My Guest: Dr. Rani Banik is America’s Integrative Eye

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Clean Eating with Southern Cuisine? Yes Please! | Flipping50 #467

Episode #467 We’re talking “clean-eating” and “southern cuisine” today. Does it seem like these two phrases shouldn’t be spoken together? Think again! At Flipping50 we’re all about variety, flavor and ditching deprivation. If you’re busy looking for what you can have it’s so easy and do delicious to feel good you’re not missing a thing. If

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Could You Have a Vitamin D Deficiency? | Flipping50 #466

Episode #466 Running low on Vitamin D? What would a Vitamin D deficiency look like? This episode is all about your energy, (and your metabolism), and whether you might be overlooking a micronutrient insufficiency at the root cause of some signs and symptoms you have. Did you know Vitamin D is not a vitamin but a

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Women Over 45 Strength Training Quiz Results | #465

Episode #465 For women over 45 strength training is the absolute most important exercise component. It will continue to be until you take your last breath. To make this personal, my mother just experienced a hip fracture and the inevitable hip replacement that happens after. Her recovery won’t go as smoothly as it did 15 years

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