Flipping 50’s Most Popular Podcasts and Blogs of 2017

most popular podcasts and blogs This is the collection of most popular podcasts and blogs of 2017 for women flipping 50! The “top 10 collection” is based on popularity, measured by listener downloads and reader shares. If you see something you like, I’d love your share. It tells me what you want to hear more about.

I’ve added my comments below each show. Whether you’re looking for a tip-rich source or a juicy slice of inspiration, there’s sure to be something here! To add comments (I love to hear from you! Or get the links you hear in any show, just visit flippingfifty.com/podcast)

I felt compelled to include with these most popular podcasts and blogs of 2017 my list of inspiring podcasts and expert interviews. I am grateful for the people I am privileged to interact with and share with you throughout the year.

Most Popular Podcasts and Blogs of 2017

Honorable mention of the most popular podcasts and blogs of 2017 goes to an episode posted in 2016 with the most downloads in 2017:

The Art of Change

I ‘ve been coaching the mindset since 1989 when I began grad school for Exercise Psychology. I went through a two-year deep dive to enhance my coaching skills for mindset success in 2000. Change requires far more than the right information or knowing there’s a gap between where you are and want to go. The popularity of this year end blog suggests you know that too. I’m thrilled. It means that change is available to you at any moment.

  1. Fix Your Chronic Fatigue with Dr. Evan Hirsch

This episode about chronic fatigue is full of small action steps you can take to feel better. Chronic fatigue and adrenal stress are realities for too many women over 50. They don’t have to be.

  1. Getting Started with Weight Training for Weight Loss After 50

Weight train to lose weight! It’s a slower road to changing the scale, but your pants will become baggy and you’ll change your body in a way no other exercise has the power to do. If you need some motivation to both lift you up and get you lifting, this is your listen.

  1. Making the Best of Major Life Changes at Midlife

No question that internally and externally our lives are changing during midlife. How do you take it in without stress getting the best of you? This one clearly struck a cord with listeners.

  1. Feeding the Muscles You’ve Got or Want After 50: How Much Protein?

Protein is an evergreen topic around here. Food gets emotional fast and I’ll be the first to admit that poor information coming to women over 50 (and women who want to flip 50 feeling and looking great!) gets me a little crazy. This is one of the single easiest things you can do to avoid muscle loss (sarcopenia) that IS a part of aging if you aren’t lifting weights and recovering with adequate protein (it takes both, plus rest, it’s not a choice between one or the other).

  1. My Crazy Menopause, Hormone, & Exercise Ride

In this episode I launched my announcement that I was going to begin training for an Ironman distance triathlon. I described the pre-testing and post-testing I would do along with the reduced volume training schedule I’d planned for myself. It was indeed a ride! (and a swim and run!) You’ll want to listen to the “after” episode coming as soon as results are back from labs I’ll be sharing!

  1. Women, Water, Running, and Recovery Tips for Injury-free Exercise

I loved this episode with Vicki Hunter from Boulder. Ultramarathon distance runner, and water exercise expert, she’s far more than that. She had a miraculous recovery from an accident you’d never guess from looking at her. She shared far more than exercise information with me as a part of the summer inspiration series.

  1. Myths, Causes, and Solutions for Back Pain with Dr. Stuart McGill

Dr. Stuart McGill has been a favorite expert of mine since 1989 when I was thrown from a horse onto a pile of wood. I spent a summer rehabbing and researching. For the last 25+ years I’ve referenced him, quoted him, and continue to study his work and research. This uplifting discussion with the world-renowned back pain specialist is one of my favorite.

  1. How Your Thoughts Make You Fit or Fat

In this episode, I return to mindset. It really has to start there and it never ends. Your mindset shift can change everything.

  1. 6 Signs Your Exercise is Optimal For Fat Loss After 50

This episode is like a checklist to see if your moving toward long-term success and maintenance or setting yourself up for a fall. Some of the things we learned early in our adult life about exercise won’t continue to serve you into the second 50. As the saying goes, what got you here won’t get you there. True whether you’re experiencing success or not.

  1. Losing 5-lbs vs. 50-lbs After 50: The Difference… the runaway winner with 33% more listeners than any other episode in 2017!

This is the run-away winner with 33% more listeners than any other episode in 2017! This describes in part the difference between Flipping 50’s 28-Day Kickstart and the Fit-U program and why there is such a distinction.

My Catalog of Most Inspiring Podcasts

I’ve added a short list here if you want to hear some hope and inspiration about your ability to start something or achieve weight loss or athletic success after 50.

Dexter Yeats, 72-year old age group Ironman champion

Susan McNamee, 65-year old Ironman triathlete

Margaret Webb, author of Older, Faster, Stronger

Christie Miller’s 31 lb. weight loss and dramatic career change

Tracey Hinsley’s more than 100 lb. weight loss

Teresa Houghton’s 115 lb. weight loss

My List of Expert Podcasts:

I had the honor and pleasure of getting to know and interview so many expert guests this past year (and there are more lined up in 2018). I include a list here of the guests and the podcast title below to make topics easy to see.

To get them all just subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and take them with you on your walk, drive, or as you lift!

Dr. Brad Gorski – How Toxins Increase Fatigue and Interfere with Weight Loss

Dr. Steven Masley – Better Brain Solutions

Dr Stephen Cabral – What’s Behind Your Cravings

Dr. Jolene Brighten – Rescue for Anybody’s Libido

Dr. Trevor Holly Cates “The Spa Dr.” – Skin Solutions for Wrinkles and Pimples

Dr. Ann Marie Fine – 3 Skin Care Secrets for Now

Dr. Lindsay Berkson – Sexy Brain, Sizzling Intimacy, Balanced Hormones

Dr. Anna Cabeca – Enhancing Libido, Intimacy, and Romance

Dr. Vincent Pedre – Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate Gut Pain

Dr. Mariza Snyder – Essential Oils that Unlock Weight Loss

Dr. Sharon Melnick – Weight Loss Success Under Stress

Dr. Joe Tatta – Lose Pain and Move Without Ease

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Flipping 50’s Most Popular Blogs of 2017

5 Exercise Flips You Should Make In Your 50’s

My Menopause, My Exercise and Hormones

4-Step Best Core Exercise Progression After 50 (or any time)

Intermittent Fasting Beyond 50: What We Know and Don’t Know

10 Ways to Do Core Without the Floor

6 Secrets to Less Stiffness and Muscle Soreness After 50

The Must-Do If You Want to Raise Your Metabolism

5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat (Nothing to Do With Age)

Boost Your Fat Burn By 29% Post Menopause

The Art of Change: Habits and Goals for Your New Year

None of these would have made it to a most popular podcasts and blogs of 2017 list without you, our listener and or reader. Thank you for being here and for making your comments, questions, and struggles known so we can keep providing information, motivation, and inspiration.

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