Flipping 50’s Health Tips Round Up

Today I’m taking a different path with the blog. I’ve selected a few quotes from some of my respected friends and colleagues. Below each I’ve added a few comments about why each of the quotes and celebrity and expert friend’s content I shared is so important. ~Debra

“Many times when a sugar craving hits, your body is really crying out for protein…If you reach for protein instead, it will actually help curb your cravings for sweets by giving your body the kind of sustained energy it really needs.”

~JJ Virgin, The Sugar Impact Diet

“Researchers at the University of South Florida found that when people are stressed, they crave foods that are higher in sugar and fat. But ironically, sugar actually stresses your body further, shooting it full of short- term energy, sending your hormones into a spin cycle and causing your blood sugar to spike and them plummet.”

~JJ Virgin, The Sugar Impact Diet

For years, decades, if you’re over 50, you’ve been conditioned to think fat makes you fat. Science shows clearly that the shift 25-30 years ago to non-fat and low-fat products actually was the beginning of the increasing obesity epidemic. Your hormones then too were calling the shots. Constant eating and empty carbohydrates cause insulin surges that lead to fat storage and a vicious cycle of more cravings.

To stop cravings, increase your protein and your micronutrient sufficiency. (more on that below) If you haven’t seen JJ’s Miracle Mindset documentary, you need to, it’s about much more than sugar.) 

“Has there ever been any published research showing that any diet of any kind can give you the 27 essential micronutrients that we’re all basically aware, the vitamins and the minerals?” The answer to that is no. No research has ever been shown to be able to show any diet sufficient in 27 essential micronutrients even to the minimum levels. In fact, the American Dietetic Association – everybody knows who they are, these are RDs, right? – they put out a call to all RD’s, “Please come up with any diet within a 2100-calorie limit as long as it’s palatable. We don’t even care what you’re putting in it? Show that you can create a sufficient diet within 2100 calories…” – and it could not be done. It’s never been done.

~Jayson Calton, of Calton Nutrition (along with Mira Calton)

“The secret doesn’t lie in your carbohydrate, fat, or protein ratios.

Nor is it determined by the dietary profile you follow.

In fact, there is no one dietary philosophy or magic ratio of foods that will keep you healthy.”

~Jason and Mira Calton, The Micronutrient Miracle

creators of Nutrience, my multivitamin of choice

Did you grow up taking a multivitamin? Then suddenly you heard all the news about how you were just flushing that down the toilet and you didn’t really need it? 

So for years, you may not have been taking anything. And at the same time, the soil where our food is grown is depleted. The chemicals used to make the foods we’re eating are increased. The flavor of those huge veggies and fruits at the store is non-existent (suggesting there are few nutrients in them: flavor comes from micronutrients). And we’re constantly exposed to stress, technology, ways we cook food, medications, that all deplete us of micronutrients we may even get in. The need for supplements is clear right now. The challenge is making sure the micronutrient you choose is formulated for non-competition and optimal absorbency plus contains the things you’re most likely to be depleted of! Choose smart!

P.S. If you can’t lose weight “eating healthy” it could be micronutrient deficiency. You’re like a car… you have to have all the parts, the gas, the oil.. to operate effectively.

“Getting inflammation down is one of the best ways to get personal play back in. The reason I can eat 80% and 20% do what I want is that I’ve got that inflammation down.”

~Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, author of The Bone Broth Diet

In her book, The Bone Broth Diet, Dr Kellyann shared a study about a 24-hour fast that increased Human Growth Hormone production by 1300% in women and 2000% in men. HGH is one of those hormones you produce less of as you age (but want more of) and its key to maintaining lean muscle mass so you can boost your metabolism. The benefits of intermittent fasting are clear. Using bone broth between meals, along with protein shakes, keeps you from actually starving in a no-food fast.

Be clear that my stance on a midlife, already-stressed woman fasting with no food or with high-sugar juices..will backfire. But strategically fasting (including high quality nutrient-dense items) can be effective depending on the individual.

“The smell of your Grandma’s house at Thanksgiving, the pungent tang of your high school locker room, the sweet floral comfort of your mom’s homemade laundry detergent…they all hold special places in our hearts and minds.  Scents can elicit memories and emotions that we may not even be aware exist in our bodies.”

~Dr Mariza Snyder, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.12.01 AM

Smell yourself skinny? It’s not so crazy. Scents can work for you or against you. Ever notice how big furniture stores often have a shop where they’re making cookies and the smell wafts through the store? It’s designed to make you want to stay longer (buy more) and feel at home. You may have been told to do it by your realtor if you ever sold your house. Certain scents can kill cravings, reduce headaches, and boost energy.

Plus, if you’re aware that daily toxic exposure many of us take for granted may actually be a part of weight loss resistance, and put us at risk for disease, flipping from harmful chemical products to essential oil blends might help you reach your goals sooner. Don’t miss the Flipping 50 podcast with Dr. Mariza coming the first week of March! 

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 3.27.23 PM “I consider skin our magic mirror. When we restore our health from the inside out we can have glowing skin. I believe skin health is a key indicator of overall health of the entire body. When we restore health from within, we can achieve glowing skin and vibrant health.”

~Dr. Trevor Cates, The Spa Doctor, author of Clean Skin From Within

You can learn to read your skin in order to create more natural health. When you experience a change in health, hormones, or activity that exposes you to sun- chlorine- wind –heat or cold, your skin shows it. What you eat, how you sleep, and exercise – as much as what you put on topically – can change the face of your health! (pun intended)

Listen to the Flipping 50 podcast with Dr. Trevor Holly Cates coming this month Feb 28th. Don’t miss her brand new book if you love to play with DIY facials at home.

If you’re here, by now you know about the Flipping 50 TV show. A good friend Kevin Gianni and his wife AnnMarie are the team of AnnMarie Skincare and they give a trio of full size skin care products away to each applicant whose question is selected for a Flipping 50 TV episode.

SO, while I’m grateful, that is not why I include AnnMarie products here.

I just love them. I use them twice daily. And look forward to the days during the week I can do the whole enchilada with my favorite products, the facial scrub, the mud mask, and then the honey mask while I soak in an epsom salt bath.

Try a sample. You’ll choose one that’s right for your skin. Then pay just shipping and buy the time you love it and use the $10 coupon for your first order and … that makes your free trial free. Nice. They believe in their products.

Last, you might also want to peek at this site for safe products. 

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