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Exercise Less and Have the Body and Energy You Want: Episode 17

You’ve got goals! In today’s episode, Julie is planning to do a marathon. She knows weight training is important to avoid muscle loss and wants help juggling the increasing miles and demand on time and energy. Fortunately, marathon training has changed! Instead of miles and miles, even endurance training is shifting to include more intervals,

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Get Motivated and Stay Motivated: Episode 16

In this episode Susan asked for help getting and staying motivated. Although there are a few steps she needs to take to create a plan for exercise and eating, that’s not the obstacle for her motivation. In Bliss, Charge:     If, like Susan, you have a life’s passion that has simply disappeared from your

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Eat vs. Fasting Exercise For Best Results After 50: Episode 13

Eating and exercise: should you eat or should you fast before exercise to get the best results?  In episode 13, I dive into the research and share my answers for women going through hormone changes. Below is a summary of how to optimize your metabolism, but for all the juicy details, watch the full episode

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Leg Exercises for Lower Body Tone: Flipping 50 TV #11

This episode is all about best leg exercises (body weight!) for lower body tone!! Want to tone and firm your legs and lower body? Want lower body strength? These leg exercises will do the trick!Whether you’re thin, normal, or have a little more padding, it can be a challenge to get the tone you want.

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Lift More, Lose More: Episode 12

Have you ever felt more “bulky” than lean and sculpted from exercise?  You want to lose weight and wonder why everyone seems to be telling you to lift weights? This is definitely for you! Watch the full Flipping 50 episode right here. Why weight training for weight loss? Whenever you lose weight, you lose a

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Muscle Loss Prevention: Episode 10

As you watch episode 10 you’ll learn that upper body muscle tone is a concern for Zina. A lack of upper body muscle tone is often related to estrogen dominance that can occur when cortisol is blocking progesterone. That’s a lot to take in, right? In short, you need to decrease stress in all areas

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Exercising with Arthritis on a Budget: Episode 9

This episode of Flipping 50 TV is all about arthritis and exercise and using the pool as your playground. I also discuss how to reduce inflammation through changes in your diet by eating foods that turn inflammation off, and avoiding or eliminating foods that turn inflammation on. Inflammation Causing Foods Download the simple checklist to

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The Exercise Cellulite Solution: Episode 7

  Yes, there is something you can do about cellulite; it’s non-invasive and only requires things you are probably already doing to take good care of yourself. Add a few small tweaks and you are going to see more tone and less cellulite. Exercise cellulite solutions are quite effective, when followed, and in combination with other

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Sleep Yourself Skinny with Eating and Exercise Changes: Episode 8

Sleep yourself skinny sound too good to be true?Watch this episode on sleep right here. You have access to all 39 episodes supporting your menopause sleep, exercise, nutrition, recovery, stress, and hormone balancing lifestyle habits.  https://youtu.be/1hvP_rb_aAgWhat can SLEEP do to help you get better results?​ Slimming down while sleeping sounds way too good to be true.  But it can

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Reduce Stress and Avoid Cravings: Flipping 50 Episode 6

During busy, non-stop days you spend a lot of your willpower. If you are too busy to snack on something of substance, you may be more tempted to just grab anything once your willpower bank account is low. Be prepared. https://youtu.be/iYE7j1QbFYo What could you do with… Double the Energy? Learn how to stress less, but double

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