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How to Stay Motivated to Exercise with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis can be a painful limiter to the activities you love. It can even prevent you from doing some of the exercises that will reduce pain. There are exercises that are beneficial without causing pain or discomfort, however, along with dietary changes that can also reduce inflammation. Today’s question comes from 61-year old Cheryl, who

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How A Keto Diet Influences Active Women Over 50 | Flipping 50 TV 27

What is a Keto diet? And…Is there a specific Keto diet for women over 50? I’m so glad you found Flipping 50 TV! This is the opening episode for season III!  Share your comments with me and share the episode with friends! In this episode I answer 61-year-old Catherine’s question, “How do nutrition requirements differ

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Flipping 50 TV Season Three Details | Open Now!

Flipping 50 TV season 3 is launching Sunday, May 13, 2018. Come back right here for the new Flipping 50 TV episode every Sunday this season. For all the juicy episode “extras” join the Flipping 50 community for the things I only share in emails. The Flipping 50 TV episodes this season will cover the

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Debra’s Best Kept Daily Secrets: Episode 26

I’m pulling back the curtains, and the covers literally, in this episode. From pajamas to pajamas, here’s the little things I do..AND some updates in the blog post below. We all upgrade occasionally! I polish off habits too! Watch this episode for the habits I use for all day energy. Wake naturally. If I’m not

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Make Small Flips for Big Results: Episode 25

Today’s episode is all about taking what you’re already doing right and amplifying it. Then taking what you’re unintentionally doing to sabotage yourself and eliminating it! The question today comes from Denise who is self-sabotaging her exercise habits with sugar-free snacks at every turn. Chemicals in sugar-free and fat-free foods are foreign invaders in your

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Sleek Upper Arms and Slim-Waist Solutions: Episode 24

Want to rock your upper arms? You’re going to love this episode AND my new The Whole Flip dvds!  Minute Made Meals This is the time when we usually talk about how to correct a diet. My guest question today is from Diana and she is doing amazing at making sure she’s getting all the

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Overcoming Exercise (and Information) Overwhelm: Episode 21

Simplify, simplify, simplify. We’re so good at over complicating! And there is so much information out there to help us do just that. Today, I show you how to make it easy. You already have some base. Start where you are.   Muscles in Minutes The smartest way to overcome overwhelm is to add or

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Fatigue-fighting Exercise Solutions: Episode 20

In today’s episode I answer Esther’s question about “everything” and focused on helping her start exercise when she is already tired all the time.      Minute Made Meals In addition to fatigue fighting exercise you want to look at nutrition too! Two things you want to consider when it comes to your eating for

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Stress-Reducing Exercise (That Promotes Fat Loss): Episode 19

You love exercise. You’ve got belly fat. Chances are you’re overdoing exercise to blast fat off. But it backfires. Sound familiar? My question today is from Maria who is doing weight training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Both are good, as long as they’re in the right dose. Overtraining doesn’t get results and can

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Firm and Tone After Weight Loss: Episode 18

How do you get firm and tone and after you’ve lost a significant amount of weight? It’s a challenge for today’s Flipping 50 TV subscriber. Losing a significant amount of weight is something to celebrate at any age. How do you create muscle tone and deal with dry skin after weight loss? We tackle that

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