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Wish you could find the right solution to a flat belly?

Need exercises that work without causing pain?

Then it’s your lucky day! These (and a few more) are brand new in YouTube right now. (Subscribe to the YouTube channel to get the rest delivered to you).

Perfect timing for some short little videos you can rotate into your daily routine and stay focused on a strong core during this busy season ahead.

Start with Stabilization. Without this core foundation, the rest doesn’t get results.

Next, add back extension.

Then it’s time for rotation.

Now, try lateral flexion. It’s the most often forgotten.

Last, and on purpose, is forward flexion. If you don’t have time for forward flexion, leave it out. You’re already good at it! If you do it, trade in your harmful (and potentially ineffective) crunches and sit ups for these.

There are two more videos in this series, offering you plenty of variety. Just subscribe to the channel to get all new ones as they’re released!

Then…I’d love to hear from you. Did you try them?

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