10 Fitness Lessons from 2020 | Menopause & Exercise

Tucked into all the life lessons of 2020, the fitness lessons from 2020 were pretty clear.

  1. Exercise done right boosts immunity. The first of fitness lessons from 2020 was the fact that it is moderate amounts of high and low intensity exercise, not moderate exercise that benefits your immune system most.
  2. Exercise supports depression, anxiety, and mood.
  3. Strength training to muscular fatigue prevents the muscle losses associated with aging.
  4. Strength training with heavy weight prevents bone losses associated with aging.
  5. Strength training (more than any form of cardio) improves longevity and the life in your years.
  6. It is not the strength training activity, it is the result of proper strength training that increases lean muscle, decreases fat, and therefore improves body composition.

A question from Cary in our community, “If strength training does more to improve fat loss shouldn’t we do that more often?” That is such a logical thoughtful question. So, it’s important you realize it is not the 10, 20, or 40 minutes you spend strength training per session that improves fat loss, lean muscle loss prevention, and therefor body composition.

  1. The right exercise is only small but important a part of the movement every woman needs in her day in order to impact her optimal health.
  2. Time was for many the biggest obstacle to exercise and when commuting, and distractions like social gatherings, entertaining and travel were removed exercise activity increased by 88% in those who had a lower level of activity before Covid (BC).
  3. Online options for fitness increased dramatically as did the across the age space generations taking advantage of them
  4. The wave of dumbbells, weight equipment purchases that left shelves, and even Amazon without weight training options, created a short term need to get creative with resistance equipment – from soup cans, to water bottles filled with rocks, then sand, then water, to backpacks or small pieces of luggage filled with books or sandbags.

We got creative and found solutions. 

Fortunately, because in a moment of midlife when you are more rapidly losing muscle and bone (late stages of perimenopause and early post menopause) abandoning a resistance training program now, or not beginning one, could have a devastating effect on disability in a decade or more… that is completely avoidable.

Fitness lessons from 2020 will change your life, one way or another.

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