Do you want freedom from counting calories?

Are you ready for more energy?

Do you have 20 pounds (minimum) to lose?

Then my Fit U course is for you.


What is this Fit U course about?

  • The science of fat loss (for women 50 and over)
  • The psychology of fat loss
  • The mindset of your best weight
  • It’s more than weight: What you gain when you lose and why you resist
  • Why diets have failed you
  • Why it’s not about points, exchanges, and calories
  • Interval training: the pros and cons
  • The way to lift weights to lose weight
  • Workouts – convenient home exercise with body weight, weight training, and no-equipment cardio (joint-friendly modifications)
  • Habits – around the clock flips that matter as much as exercise

What You Get:

  • Exercise Plan
  • Workout videos – New ones sent weekly!
  • Meal Planning support: proven samples & template
  • 3 Flipping 50 Recipe Books with dozens of recipes
  • Daily Journal & Tracking
  • Private Fit U Facebook group where Debra will interact
  • NEW! Weekly* Live Coaching Calls with Debra (Private Facebook group)
  • BIG discount on 2-month Success Kit of protein shakes (plant or paleo)
  • Weekly audio or video “flip” course materials (brief, concise, to-the-point)

*your success is SO important to me that instead of 4 private coaching calls I’ve made it 8…every single week I am going to be touching base with you in our private Facebook group for LIVE coaching.


Fit U is designed for women approaching or over 50

For over 30 years I’ve been working with women over 40. As a baby boomer, I know the influence of stress and peri-menopause, and how they change your body’s ability to burn fat. I know what you were taught about fat the last 30 or more years and the new science we can put to your benefit.

As a Medical Exercise Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Exercise Psychology Coach, and prior Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology (15 years), I know you have to work around conditions and joints and how to help you do it. I cue movements with them in mind.

I know that you need someone who “gets you.” I know that hearing what works from a cute 20 or even 40-something babe in a belly-showing bra top and tights may not be all that motivating.

You’re not broken. You’re not doomed.

You may have slowed your metabolism with old habits. I know what they are and I can help you reroute your fat-burning GPS.

You may have realized a shift in results because of hormones. I know signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance and I can help you respond to them so your body will shed weight easier.

If you want:

  • simple, short exercise sequences that fit your real life (and work)
  • exercise that doesn’t aggravate joint problems but still does the magic
  • easy meal plans with recipes that taste good
  • something that’s a forever plan and not a diet
  • a coach that has worked with thousands of women like you and “gets you”
  • a keep-it-real community where you can share wins and struggles
  • something that doesn’t have an “exit ramp”
  • to eat more food, not less and exercise less, not more!

Then just jump to the bottom right now and register (consider it your first workout!)

This is what participants have to say about Fit-U:

To say I feel great would be an understatement, I have not felt this well, healthy and strong in many years. I followed the [program] to a T, along with the exercise suggested. 

What I love about this program is that I can sustain it. I’ve done other programs where I’ve lost weight, fast, but I gained it back and was always hungry or tired. [With Fit-U]… I was never hungry and it wasn’t hard. 

~Pam G.

The biggest value of the Fit U program for me was the education…how the foods I ate and when I ate them would/could be used for my good, how the exercises I choose to do can enhance or take away from my overall goal, how at 50 + it really is easy to be healthy, feel great, look good and live a full life. 

This part [the nutrition plan, avoiding food triggers …and making flips so I could include foods I enjoy] was huge for me to understand, learn, and identify what was causing me trouble. A+++++ 

~Ruth W

I implemented the nutrition plan and still follow it most of the time.  The biggest thing is the food plan has allowed me to eat, and not just calories in and calories out.   I have never been a salad person and the food plan gave me permission to eat protein and carbohydrates without feeling guilty. I also love the protein shakes.  Furthermore I no longer have a diet coke habit, something I have had for over 40 years! Deanna H

The exercise plan is totally AWESOME in that I can do and modify if needed. I feel stronger and love that I am. I learned so much about my food intake, exercise and things about myself. If anyone will put this program into practice, there is no way they wont learn, change and discover new things. I would recommend this program to any woman any age.

~Pam C.

Food changes were the biggest value. I am sleeping much better.

~Nancy G.

I found enormous value in [the Fit U program]. Clarity about nutrition, exercise, and habits that slow or accelerate fat loss is fantastic. Extremely content rich, user-friendly, well researched, comprehensive and do-able, taking people’s time constraints into account.

~Jodi T.

…the food plan is fantastic.  My husband joins me on the weekends in a protein shake.  He also has been more supportive than normal in better eating options.  This is my biggest win.  The plan (when I stick with it) controls my stomach issues and keeps my blood sugar levels in check.   Love it!

~Laurie R.

This is what continues to happens AFTER the program: 

It’s not over after it’s over. Because it’s not a diet or a bootcamp that ends and leaves you wondering, what now? you results continue.

Like one participant who’s lost 40 pounds in four months…

“... and I did it without being a slave to the scale.” CJ

Or another who’s lost 75 pounds at age 64…

“I’ve never felt stronger in my life.” JL

Are you ready for simple, sane, safe nutrition facts that get REAL results from REAL food…

…and exercise that fits your limited time?

The science I’ll share with you isn’t simply about fat burning and weight loss.

It’s about fat burning and weight loss for women in midlife or the second fifty, who have tried many things before and know they need support and they’re ready to invest the time, money, and energy in themselves to do it.

Did you know that as little as 39% of all exercise and sports medicine research features women as subjects? AND that for women in midlife, the percent is so much lower than that, it’s no wonder past programs you’ve tried haven’t worked!

Too many of us have been aiming at the wrong target.

If you’re ready to change your thoughts about weight, fat, exercise, nutrition, and calories, this is right for you.

If you want to keep limiting beliefs about weight gain and menopause or what you can do “at your age” then this is not your program.

The truth is a recent study proves there is NO correlation with menopause and weight gain among women worldwide. However, women in the US, experience weight gain during menopause more than any other country in the world.

There’s proof there that it’s habits, not menopause. And you can change your habits.

If you simply want “a diet” and exercise videos, this isn’t your program. Weight and fat loss is an inside job. We’re going to work on your thoughts and your confidence, and the messages you’re telling yourself.

Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get recipe suggestions and exercise videos. They simply won’t work without the shift between your ears. I’m going to whisper in your ear for 8 weeks. More importantly, I’m going to get you whispering positive messages in your own ear.

There are thousands of free videos available online and there is a new best-selling diet book every month. If these alone worked you would not be here.

If you are still reading, I believe you want this. I believe in you.

YOU can do this, even if you think you’ve “tried it all”. Even if you’ve been on many, many diets over the years and are resigned around your bodyweight or fitness level. 

I’m with you, I’ll guide you and I know you CAN make a difference.

Join Today

If you hired a personal trainer to work with you one-on-one for this information, you’d easily spend $700-$1000. And a nutrition coach would cost another $1000. A health coach to keep you accountable and stop self-sabotage between sessions would add another cost. I can cover all these bases for you.

Instead, regularly you can get started with the FitU program for just $497!!

But today you can get the daily support, new information weekly, and a community…for a single investment of $249.50!

(There’s even a 2-payment option available.) Do one and I’ll send you some extra love though!!

By clicking the button below, you can choose the single-payment option of $249.50 or 2 payments of $175.25.

  • The BONUS Prep Materials come within 24 hours of registration.
  • Your First Week begins with your registration!
  • Your first coaching call inside Fit-U private Facebook page will put you beside other participants in different weeks of the program for peer support.*Facebook participation is a must for success.

JOIN RIGHT NOW with single pay and get a copy of my newest book Hot, Not Bothered: 99 Daily Flips for Slimmer, Trimmer, Fitter Faster (so you can master metabolism before, during, and (long) after menopause). 

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Do all the work. Send me your completed journal homework, attend all the coaching calls, and actively participated in the Facebook group. If you’ve done the work, participated, reached out for help and haven’t learned anything, aren’t sleeping better, digesting better, have more energy, then Flipping 50 will refund you. Make your request before the 30-day mark, when giveaways and bonuses begin …and the best results from your changes start.
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