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burning caloriesIf you’ve been focused on burning calories with exercise and find it’s not working, in fact, it’s backfiring on you,  there’s an answer. When was the last time you finished exercise feeling good? And you kept feeling good for hours? You were more focused, more productive, and happier and you slept better and had fewer cravings. Does your exercise do all that? If you are due to refresh your workout routine or to restart the good news is it’s no longer about burning calories.

Move more. Movement, not sweating, grunting or grimacing, just movement is related to lower incidence of overweight and obesity.

We’ve had it backwards.

For women in midlife this is especially true. We’ve turned exercise backwards and inside out. It’s not about burning calories.

Hormone balancing exercise is lower intensity especially if you’re chronically tired, struggle to wake in the morning, never feel rested no matter how much sleep you got.

It can be long or short. A 20-minute low intensity walk can do wonders for hormones while you may be worried about burning calories.

It’s not now and it’s never been about calories in vs. calories out. Yes, the quality of your calories matter. If you take care of quality, quantity takes care of itself.

If you burn calories –  hundreds of calories – so you increase your cortisol levels – you’ll still never lose weight or increase your strength or endurance. In fact, you may cause more weight gain, fat storage, and sleep disruption. That’s because it’s hormone disrupting exercise. It’s exacerbated if at the same time you’re restricting your calories.

Hormone balancing exercise can include high intensity exercise, as long as it’s short, and infrequent. No more of the “burn” for an hour, slogging (slow+jogging) for an hour, or mindlessly going nowhere on an elliptical or treadmill. Exercising one or two times a week at high intensity interval training (HIIT) for 20-30 minutes is ideal. (Other types of exercise should round out your week.)

More of either HIIT or long slow sessions and you can easily send hormones already in chaos further into imbalance. We’re so used to working harder getting better results that it’s hard to believe. (Thanks Mom and Dad). You’ve probably got a great work ethic.

But what if it could be easy?

My 5-Day Flip makes fitting the right dose of exercise into your day easy. I created 15-20 minute videos that show you how a week of exercise should look. Use them five days in a row.  If you’re starting or restarting, they’re perfect: not too hard, not too long.

Here’s how you’ll feel after:

  • Energized – for the rest of your day
  • Accomplished – check it off your list
  • Motivated – to make more good choices for your day
  • Clarity – focus and concentration increase after short exercise sessions
  • Balanced – a little exercise decreases cortisol and increases calm

Here’s why:

  • Short sessions boost hormone balance
  • Weight training boosts hormone balance
  • Cardio intervals (effort level is up to you) make efficient use of time
  • Carefully sequenced routines let you focus on what’s most important
  • No “fluff” flips– I despise exercise variety for variety’s sake! Who has time for that?

Let me take the wheel. Wouldn’t you love it if you had a personal trainer, a nutrition coach, and someone to just keep you accountable when you want to let yourself off the hook?

I’ve got you covered. I can help with all that. Nine times out of ten not exercising regularly is NOT due to lack of motivation, or disciple, or willpower. You’ve got all those.

It’s lack of clarity.

It’s not due to a lack of information. It’s the opposite.

It’s lack of clarity.

Give Up Burning Calories for Hormone Balance

Have you ever had an overflowing closet? Then come late December or January you clean it out and donate. It’s so much easier to get dressed when you have just clothes that fit that you like inside. I’ve done that for you with the 5-Day Flip. The exercise videos will fit and they’ll look good on you.

If you’ve been focused on burning calories and it’s not working… what have you got to lose?

It fits your hormone needs, solves your what-do-I-do dilemma, and eliminates that doubt that this is even going to work. How could you be motivated when you don’t have faith it will be worth it?

Exercise for energy instead of burning calories. Your hormones will thank you. Then your sleep, weight, libido and mood will follow.

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