Will this work for me if I have a knee (or a shoulder…) issue?

If you’re having to avoid a lot of activities like getting up and down off the floor or reaching overhead (we won’t lift overhead 99% of the time) because of pain then this series is not right for you. With shoulder issues, if you are able to do chest presses, or push ups, and rowing actions without discomfort you will be able to do 90% of the exercises. I take care to provide┬áproactive exercises that strengthen and don’t put joints at risk. If risk outweighs the benefit you won’t see it. Still, if you have a pre-existing injury, even a ‘safe’ exercise could bother you. I would like to hear from you. Later series will target some specific joint challenges so that you can get exercise that works without hurting. Need to chat about whether this is right for you? Schedule a chat here.
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