Last, are the results guaranteed?

Yes, I guarantee: that I will deliver ever piece of promised material. I guarantee I will be accessible via the Private Facebook group and that you will get the steps that help you balance your hormones with a combination of 7 integrated areas of wellness. I guarantee if you reach out for help, you will get help! I can’t and will neverĀ guarantee weight loss at a specific speed (some participants, in fact, want energy and don’t need weight loss). Everyone has a unique biochemistry. I can empower you with the knowledge of your signs and symptoms to give you the choice to make. I can’t guarantee you’ll make those choices consistently. Your body will change at its own pace. I can guarantee you that 100% of the people who went all the way through the course, actively participated, asked questions, and made changes in their choices, have seen and felt a difference. A student lost 30 lbs in 90 days, another increased sleep by 2-4 hours a night, and another was happiest about feeling fewer aches and pains than she previously did. Your results will depend both on what you need most and what you are willing to do about it.
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