Fab 5: Your Skinny Hormone Team

It’s March madness as I write this. How appropriate that you pull your dream team of hormones together to boost metabolism and get yourself on the path to knowing when which ones, how to nurture them, so you don’t have to sit on the bench.

Insulin’s job is to reduce glucose levels and promote storage of glucose, fat, and amino acids. This is not your friend.

You know what they say, keep your friends close and enemies closer. Glucose uptake during exercise increases by seven to 20 times over resting levels. Additionally, muscle sensitivity to insulin is increased even after a workout. Regular exercise can help you win insulin over.

Glucogon has the opposite effect of insulin. (aka, meet your new BFF). It stimulates almost immediate release of glucose from the liver. Low blood glucose levels stimulate it’s release. In part, this is why intermittent fasting helps some individuals increase metabolism (it may or may not be right for you).

Cortisol stimulates Free Fatty Acid (FFA) metabolism from your fat stores (aka bat wings, belly fat) Sounds good, right? The catch is this slow-acting hormone is backstabbing.

Just when you think you’ve got it figured out and you’ll just get that FFA stimulation going for a long time and lose that fat fast, the fact is elevated cortisol  for prolonged periods is lined to:

  1. protein breakdown (not good for muscle)
  2. tissue wasting (worse news for muscle)
  3. abdominal obesity

What’s “prolonged?”

It’s all relative. Marathon runners have been studied most for obvious reasons. But what if your marathon is a mile walk or a walk around the block? If you over do it and double your distance, for instance, doing too much too soon it will backfire.

The very thing you think is the solution to weight loss causes a decrease in metabolism from the loss of muscle due to breakdown and tissue wasting.

Growth Hormone (GH or HGH) is someone you should meet. She is a major player in protein synthesis. You can’t stop aging or the decline of GH that comes with it.

Short term Physical Activity (PA) stimulates GH. Are you recently getting started? You’ll get a bigger increase after workouts. Sleep boosts GH too. Solid sleep that allows you the deep sleep cycles will help you with GH most.

Testosterone may be a hormone you didn’t know you needed. Though it’s not a point guard, you do want to be boss at times, right? Lift weights with intensity for the best boost in testosterone. You need it to maintain muscle and go boardroom to bedroom with confidence. True, there are fewer studies on women and testosterone increases due to exercise. If you’re able to use this hormone to your advantage the bonus is more strength that will lead to the ability to do more.

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The best ways to get the steps to reduce insulin, boost glucagon, growth hormone and testosterone is the 28-Day Kickstart. You’ll unlearn old, sabotaging habits, and learn the right (and easy to live with) habits. Save your spot. 

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