What Is Exercise Endocrinology [For Women Over 40]

Your Health Coaches, Group Fitness instructors and personal trainers don’t get this in their basic foundation. Nor do undergrads in exercise science or kinesiology. There’s just too little time. 

The “minimum viable information a fitness or health professional needs to enter the field” is not enough for your support of women. Let alone women in menopause, the most significant disruptive period of her life (pun intended). 

So this episode aims to give you the insights about what it is and how and why it’s important to you and some basics of how and why we design programs at Flipping50®. 

Exercise Endocrinology Awareness

Responses in groups range from, “every woman is different” to “something is better than nothing” and these comments come from both our consumer members and our health and fitness professionals. It’s very clear that we don’t collectively have a great awareness of exercise endocrinology. 

This information provided exclusively on the Flipping50 podcast is intended for your personal education and information. On the She Means Fitness Business podcast, intended for health and fitness professionals, I support female fitness and health entrepreneurs to grow their business by enhancing awareness of strategies for coaching midlife women, marketing to midlife women who are looking for support, and for coaching midlife women in a way that helps them most, and helps you grow a thriving business – as a midlife women – given most of our audience though not all are themselves midlifers. 

Here, I’ll share some of the Exercise Endocrinology you want to know: 

  • Definition >< exercise/hormones 
  • Type of exercise
  • Timing of exercise 
  • Insomnia’s influence 

This is the tip of the iceberg. For more support, check out the links in the show notes. While we’re in the month of February there is a limited enrollment into Fit U for 50% off PLUS a Metabolism Makeover course valued originally at $699, and this includes a private Facebook group where I pop in weekly to support you! 


FIT-U 50% off PLUS Bonus Metabolism Makeover course: https://www.flippingfifty.com/fit-u-2/

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