Exercise, Eat Fat, Lose Fat, But Which Kind of Fat?

lose fat Exercise, eat fat, lose fat… sounds too good to be true, right? But we know it to be true. If you’ve been here long at all you know that low fat is a fast track to tight drawn skin, hormone disruption, brain fog, and dementia! So, keep in mind, 1980 called and wants it’s low fat mentality back. We’re into fat these days. What woman doesn’t love a creamy, dreamy avocado? Or coconut anything? And who doesn’t have at least one olive oil option in the cupboard? And that is exactly the point in this post. Which fat is the best fat? And which fat given surprising information here could be sabotaging your health? Now, you know I’m a big fan of coconut oil here at Flipping 50. I’ve written several articles about how great it is for you, even included it in You Still Got It, Girl. However… Did you know that coconut oil is “incomplete”? It’s missing that particular type of fat that your body needs for you to be healthy. Monounsaturated fat helps your body reduce cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and even prevent cancer. A friend I found through another health expert, John, was telling me all about how he recently discovered a number of “surprising” facts about fat after a chance encounter with an artisan oil maker from New Zealand. You may have heard how recent studies have shown monounsaturated fat to…

  • Help with weight loss… Nutrition Impact surveyed the diets of 14,484 adults and noted that people who ate more monounsaturated fat weighed less and had a lower body mass index than those who didn’t.
  • Boost energy levels… A recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found eating monounsaturated fat can boost your metabolism — giving you the energy you need to work, run, play, and enjoy time with family.
  • Lower risk of heart disease… Penn State researchers concluded that eating more monounsaturated fat can “reduce your heart-disease risk by 25 percent.”
  • Improve your mood… According to researchers at the University of Vermont, this fat lowers levels of anxiety and anger. In other words, eating monounsaturated fat can actually make you feel happier!
  • And much more…

Find out how you can add this “good fat” to your diet today… Now — I can’t put everything John discovered into this post. It’d go on forever. That’s why he’s put all his findings onto his webpage instead. Read it to find out…

  • How most “good fat” you buy at the grocery store (and even health-food stores) is actually not very healthy for you. In fact, some of it is even downright toxic.
  • The hidden danger lurking in your EVOO. (Hint: 69% of EVOO is fake!)
  • The best cooking oil for getting good fat into your diet… and how you can try this oil for free. (I personally love drizzling it onto a fresh-tossed Greek salad.)

Before you drip even a single drop of oil onto your food, you have to read this... These are scary bits of information suggesting that what we know about the oils behind labels in the store isn’t what we think. They may not be the sources of healthy fat we’re led to believe at all. I’ve begun using Ava Jane’s Kitchen avocado oil 80% of the time. It’s a staple in my kitchen. I do still use coconut oil and ghee occasionally too but AVK avocado is my go-to for just about anything from tossing roasting veggies to heating a skillet for eggs or stir-fry and homemade salad dressings. It was a fluke that I even tried it but anything you do daily is WAY more important than some random act of occasionally eating something at a restaurant.   Full disclosure… John and Ava Jane’s Kitchen have a membership offer and they open it up just a couple times a year. You can’t get in any day. It’s open right now (if you’re reading as I post). This special invitation ends February 26. So be sure to act soon. Don’t take my word for it. Try this oil for free here… Here’s a recipe that you can try with Ava Jane’s Kitchen avocado oil. The Greek salad dressing was delicious for our Super Bowl party! Share your recipe with me too – I love to hear from you! lose fat Greek Salad Dressing (an easy way to eat more fat and lose fat) Ingredients:

Instructions: Blend until smooth and all the oil is emulsified. Pour over family-sized salad (4 servings) and serve immediately. Pairs well with your favorite version of traditional Greek salad with: chopped romaine, cucumber, tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion, kalamata olives (eat fat, lose fat) and goat’s milk cheese (optional).

Flip for a meal: Add salmon (eat fat, lose fat) or chicken to top the salad off and a source of resistant carbs. So good!

Love using the BEST ingredients? You’re going to love this too.. I have secured a FREE BONE BROTH offer for you! This stuff is my new crack! I’ve tried (and even made) bone broth before… lots of it and some of the highest quality. So when they said can we sent you some.. I said, OK, thinking nothing of it. 

I literally opened, warmed it, was drinking it and emailed within 60 seconds and said, “how can I get some of this for my Flipping 50 program participants! This is amazing – I’d love to help you spread the word!” So– just so you know, this was the chicken mushroom version that had me at hello. Try it yourself- they’re giving it to you free.. because of Flipping 50 for free! 

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