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Why Blame It All On Breakfast?

It’s not the most important meal of the day; they all count, but breakfast has the greatest influence on what you do the rest of the day.


There’s a lot of evidence to prove it lately:

  • Subjects who ate a high protein breakfast vs. people who don’t prevented fat gains AND voluntarily decreased daily caloric intake by 400 kcals average (they were satisfied and had lost cravings) (U of Missouri study, Sept 2015)
  • Subsequent meals choices were better when the first meal of the day was high quality protein (Obesity, 2013)
  • A day of meals that evenly distribute protein intake resulted in more fat (specifically) loss than same amount of protein taken in all day (a different study in Obesity, 2013)

It’s not just your breakfast though; it’s your birthday. Women over 40 have the hormone gift that keeps giving. Changes around every corner make increasing fat cells, increasing fat storage, and decreasing ability to burn fat a woman’s truth. We don’t synthesize protein as well when we’re older and that increases our need for protein even more (ACSM, 2013).

Researchers since 2008, have been showing that our protein needs are greater than RDAs suggest. Recently, top protein expert Stewart Philips, essentially said everyone needs more protein than that RDAs which should be the minimum amount to prevent disease. It isn’t enough to thrive or fit into your skinny jeans.

How do you get enough protein? If you want to increase your protein intake to 25-30 grams of protein per meal three times a day, PBbanana_800x_424C0146AC8CD

There’s no time? Not having time for breakfast, or not being able to stomach breakfast, is the most common reason for skipping. A smoothie or a shake with protein powder solves the on-the-go challenge for many women. I do it myself, even at home, more because it makes reaching my quota of protein doable without having to have fish at 8am.

The number one mistake women make with exercise is not eating enough whole food and protein to fuel the lean muscles they want and prevent fat they don’t. Protein shakes just make it easier.

But there’s a catch. In a study testing random protein powders, 50% contained some carcinogenic, or arsenic. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label, leave it on the shelf.

Here’s what you want and don’t in your protein.


  • “Gums”
  • Items ending in –ose
  • Soy lecithin and other soy ingredients
  • Sugar greater than 5 grams per serving
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Anything terms you don’t know
  • Extra vitamins (if you take vitamins they’re competing and reducing absorption of any)


Look for:

  • Non-denatured (lower heat keeps the protein and immune property intact)
  • Stevia sweetened
  • Grass-fed, hormone-free (in the case of whey and animal protein)
  • Non GMO
  • Leucine (an amino acid) of 2.5 grams per serving

If you have a protein powder on your shelf make sure it passes the test. Don’t just use it until it’s gone because you hate to throw it away. You don’t knowingly want to put toxins in your body. The cost of eating it versus tossing it is much greater. Toxins you consume stay with you for years, lodging in fat, making it difficult to lose fat.


Ten thousand food chemicals are in our processed foods, and on some level all protein powders are processed. Food companies using them hire the researchers who submit reports to the FDA for approval. You need to find shakes without added chemicals. There aren’t many out there. Trust me, I too made the mistake of buying chemical-filled powders before I knew enough and dumped $ out in the garbage too.

It’s the why behind my offering a solution for my clients. The inevitable question was always, “what do you use?” I swore up and down and sideways for 30 years I’d never sell supplements. But when you see a need to get the right thing out and prevent mistakes that contribute to disease at worse and fat loss resistance at best, you have to act. You don’t have to be obsessed with exercise to get results. You do have to have the right fuel for your body to change.

In fact, all the ab exercises, all the cardio or strength training in the world won’t help you change if the building blocks for lean muscle and fat burning aren’t there. You can become what’s called skinny fat for a while. I can tell you from having worked with hundreds of 50+ women, that backfires later. The loss of lean muscle tissue leaves you with saggy, crepey skin and a slower metabolism. Bad combination during and post-menopause.

If you do nothing else, at least look at the ingredients and read the labels. Know what you’re looking for. I carry three options to cover my clients’ needs:

Whey is easily digested by those who tolerate dairy. I use this option pre and post exercise. It’s the optimal time to do it Your Whey since you do want to elevate blood sugar at these times in preparation and recovery from exercise.

Pea protein is my Plant-Powered Girl option that suits vegan and vegetarian preferences. It also helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Plant proteins do have a little more texture that takes some getting used to if you’ve had other types. No company has been able to get around that. This chocolate version is the best I’ve found though


Another non-dairy version of protein powder is perfect for those that do want animal protein but can’t handle casein or whey digestion. Girls Gone Paleo is 97% pure protein from defatted beef. And no, it doesn’t take like a steak in a glass! This one is perfect for breakfast, a snack, or any time.

All three are available in vanilla and chocolate. To access to a video of a webinar I did for my private Flipping50 Café members last December, How to Choose a Protein Powder, you can find it on my YouTube channel Flipping 50 or see it below.

Read more about protein shake ingredients and differences in how they’re made, visit

I’ll share a smoothie guide with you once you get started! There’s a secret to putting together the combination of ingredients that reduces inflammation and enhances your inner glow – and it’s simple but too-often overlooked.

Warning: in the video upload something caused the screen to be dark for the first 4:30 mins..sound is clear: hang in there if you’re a picture person and it will show beyond that point!

Share your questions, comments, or confusion about protein needs or picking a shake.

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